→  UPDATE from beyond the interweb! —  2/29/20

If you’ve come in search of information on the status of Lacy Literacy and its curators, congratulations, you’re in the right place. Lacy Literacy is currently on hiatus as our recent college graduate Eri pursues publishing…. and as our perpetual college student Alexis continues to gaze into the cosmic void trying to unlock the secrets of the universe. We will be making a formal announcement about the fate of this site in the imminent future (and by imminent we mean March).

For those wishing to speak with Eri or Alexis, purposes nefarious or otherwise, you can do so by the contact form below, if you wish to speak to us as the Eri-Alexis duo (Alexis checks the inbox on a biweekly basis), or through our individual emails — for Eri, & for Alexis,

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