Olympic Romances ― The Master List

Welcome to the Olympic Romance Master List!!! 🥌🏂🏊🏒🎿 Tamsen Parker commented that someone should make a comprehensive list of Olympic Romances. As I’m very much in the Olympic spirit and love making lists, I couldn’t resist.

This list includes Romances that take place during, immediately after, and leading up to the Winter AND Summer Olympics. The Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics are sectioned off, so you can find which setting better fits your mood. Under those sections are subsections for each sport featured. There are 80+ books on the list including New Adult and Adult Romances.

Here’s to the Olympics & the hope that VirtueMoir confirms that they’re secretly married 🥂⛸️. Enjoy~

Symbol Guide:

As this is a master list, I haven’t read every book on the list. That being said, I’ve denoted books with the symbols below to hopefully help you find the book you’re looking for. There are two new symbols I added just for this post, so those of you who’ve been following my master lists (STEM Heroines, Athlete Heroines) will find things a little different.

♔ – Books with Athlete Heroines

☼ – Books in which both Main Characters are Athletes

☆ – Books written by Women of Color (WOC in Romance was a great resource for finding these)

♢ – Books with Main Character(s) of Color or Native Main Characters

△ – Books with LGBTQ+ Main Character(s)

I also specify whether a book is M/F, M/M or F/F.

Note: As I haven’t read all of the books listed, I’ve denoted these books based on what I’ve found through reviews or personally know from reading certain ones. If any of the books I’ve listed qualify for any of the symbols above and I missed them, please tell me and I’ll add it!

winter oly,pics.png

Bobsledding 🛷

  • ♔ / ☼ Barree’s Blades by Patrizia Murray // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Skater, who has had a hard road to the Olympics, meets an arrogant bobsledder who has his sights on medalling. M/F.

Curling 🥌

  • △  The Magic Broom by Teegan Loy // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. As the Winter Olympics approaches, a reporter is sent to interview athletes and attempt to play their sports. The man in the apartment down the hall from him is apart of the curling team. M/M.
  • Willa’s Coach by Patrizia Murray // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine headed for Olympic curling gold needs to keep her focus off of the curling official, who she has a past with, and keep her eyes on the prize. M/F.

Ice Dancing 💃

(Yes, I made this a separate section because I’m sure some people will be looking for Ice Dancing ones after VirtueMoir’s Moulin Rouge skate)

  • ♔ / ☼ An Inconvenient Wife by Katy Madison // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Ice Dancer wants to win Gold, but she’ll need a partner to do it. The one man available is the wrong nationality. With her dreams on the line, she marries him so they can compete together. M/F.

Figure Skating 

  • ♔ / ☼ Crossing the Ice by Jennifer Comeaux // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. With one shot left for this heroine and her partner to accomplish their Olympic dream, there’s no room for distraction. Then, a guy from their rival team becomes a problem as his true, sweet personality is revealed. M/F.
  • Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Skater new to pairs skating aims to win Olympic gold. Her new coach ended his skating career after a mysterious event. While the pair is on track to be top contenders, forbidden feelings begin to start between the heroine and her coach. M/F.
  • △ Skating for Gold by DH Starr // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Two male figure skaters meet at the lowest point of their lives. When Olympic Trials draw closer, their budding relationship is threatened by ambition. M/M.
  • △ The Next Competitor by Keria Andrews // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. 20 year old figure skater aiming for Gold doesn’t have a lot of friends because of his non-existent filter. He has no time for Romance, but his new training mate with a wholesome surface could change that.  M/M.
  • ♔ / ☼ Shining Through by Elizabeth Harmon // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. America’s skating sweetheart on track to win Gold is finding it hard to deal with her family’s pressure. Russia’s skating bad boy temps her to give into the taste of freedom. M/F.
  • ☼ /♢ / △ The Winning Edge by Keria Andrews // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. American pairs skater needs to forget his explosive locker room encounter with his Russian Rival to focus on Olympic Gold. But, his rival might be more than just the arrogant exterior he puts on. M/M.
  • ♔ / ☼ / △ Fire On Ice by Jea Hawkins // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. One skater’s last chance at Olympic Gold is being overshadowed by her mother’s impossible expectations. Skating’s new, fiesty fan favorite isn’t afraid to tell her that. F/F.
  • ♔ / ☼  Whispers on the Ice by Elizabeth Moynihan // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A serious injury damages the likelihood of a male figure skating champion continuing his singles skating career. Pairs ice skating’s “Ice Queen” is abandoned by her partner, and doesn’t have a hope at Gold until her coach pairs her up with a former male singles skater. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Pairing Off by Elizabeth Harmon // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Pairs figure skater has her Winter Games dreams destroyed when her partner causes one of the top scandals in skating history. Her career seems to be over until she receives an invitation from a champion Russian skater she had a one night stand with. M/F.
  • △ Running Off the Edge by Megan Linden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Former lovers meet again at Sochi. One is back as an assistant coach after a knee injury ended his skating career. The other is competing for gold in pairs skating. They won’t be able to avoid each other. M/M.
  • ♔ / ☼ On the Brink of Passion by Tamsen Parker// Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Top pairs figure skating heroine won gold with her husband and had a bright future ahead. After everything came crashing down, along with a scrapped solo career, her coach pairs her up with someone new. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Gifts by Stephanie Burkhart // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dropping his skating partner and breaking his arm leaves this figure skating hero looking for a second chance. A heroine returning to Amsterdam after loosing her skating coach becomes his new partner. Their chemistry might cause problems on the ice. M/F.
  • △ Training Season by Leta Blake // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Talented figure skater will sacrifice everything for his Olympic dream after slacking off cost him gold. In need of funds to pay for his expensive coach, he house sits in Montana. He starts to fall for  young rancher. M/M.
  • Jump, Jive, and Wail by Kathryn R Biel // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dashing Figure skater who just returned from the Olympics has a chance encounter saving an ex-ski jumper M/F.

Hockey 🏒

  • ☼ / △ Breakaway Pass by Elaine Ashford // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A lasting relationship with a fellow hockey player this hero sees once every four years at the Olympics seems unlikely. Ending up on the same team could change that. M/M.
  • ♔ / ☼ / Delay of Game by Tracey Richardson // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A dozen years since two of the world’s best female hockey players played against each other in the Olympics and ended their love affair, the games are back on. One wants to finally beat the Canadians while the other wants to bring her country success as their coach. F/F. 
  • Hanna’s Hat Trick by Patrizia Murray // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Self-confessed workaholic heroine owns a professional hockey team. She has to keep the team’s enforcer under control while Olympic playoffs and the Stanley Cup approach. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Breakaway Hearts by Crista McHugh // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An unplanned pregnancy stopped one heroine’s Olympic hockey dreams. When her son dies, she comes back to hockey to fulfill her promise to him of making the Olympic team. She won’t let anyone, including a hockey star recovering from a knee injury, get in her way. M/F.
  • On the Edge of Scandal by Tamsen Parker // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Star of the US women’s hockey team has been hockey royalty with her boyfriend since high school. Then, their relationship comes to an ugly, public ending. The hockey team’s coach has to get her back in the game while fighting his crush for her. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Shot on Gold by Jaci Burton // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. On his second trip to the Winter Olympics, a hockey player meets a figure skater who is everything he desires in a woman. She is competing in the games for the final time and is determined to not let anything distract her from winning. M/F.
  • See the Light by Cassandra Carr // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A closeted hockey player has resigned himself to one night stands. The US Olympic hockey team advisor knows what it is like being a closeted professional hockey player. When they’re thrust into the limelight, their relationship might not survive. M/M.


  • Love on the Tracks by Tamsen Parker // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Darling of the Denver Snow Games brings Luge into the spotlight with her daredevil ways. Her and the lead singer of the hottest band in the country start a fake relationship after a photo of him kissing her on the cheek goes viral. M/F.


Speed Skating

  • △ Power Play by J.M. Snyder // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An accident during a college hockey practice leaves a man seriously injured. He meets a short track skater working overtime while trying to make the Olympic speed skating team. M/M.
  • ♔ / ☼ / △ Fire on the Ice by Tamsen Parker // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Short Track speed skating’s bad girl doesn’t care what she has to do in order to make it to the front pages. A Canadian figure skater isn’t a fan of her antics despite lusting after her. Last games’ hook up could be in for a repeat. F/F.



  • The Girl behind the Gold by Aria Kane // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A Greek aerial skier has to medal and land a sponsorship to ensure that she saves her family farm. When she meets a reporter searching for a sob story at the Winter Games, the two make a deal. M/F.
  • ♢ / △ Seduction on the Slopes by Tamsen Parker // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Downhill Slalom star is confident that he can add more medals to his trophy case. A young downhill upstart has one thing in his way of Olympic dream: the man whose posters have graced his walls for years. M/M.
  • ☆ / ♢ Change of Heart by Marcia King-Gamble // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. The only black skier on the US Olympic team is favored to win gold until he takes a devastating fall. A former olympic gymnast is determined to get him back on track. M/F.
  • ♢ Conveniently by Debra Kayn // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Two-time gold medalist downhill skier has one last chance: stay scandal free or loose his sponsorship and be thrown off the Olympic team. While on a break from parties and women, he meets the daughter of the owner of the world’s biggest ski equipment company. M/F.


Snowboarding 🏂

  • ♔ / ☼ Slashed by Tracy Wolff // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Female snowboarder is focused on shredding at the Olympics. Her snowboarding best friend finds himself left behind when she starts pursuing another guy. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ /△ Edge of Glory by Rachel Spangler // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic medalist Snowboarder becomes an underdog with aching knees. She ends up teaming up with an unorthodox, has-been snowboarder struggling to make the Olympic ski team. F/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Cold As Ice by Piper Rayne // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Two snowboarders are sent on a press tour together before the Winter Games in South Korea. The catch? The heroine hates the hero after he became her brother’s ex-best friend. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ On Thin Ice by Piper Rayne // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A hookup like the one at the Winter Classics isn’t something this snowboarder wants to repeat while at the Olympics. She won’t get her heart broken by the same snowboarding lady’s magnet again. M/F.
  • Break the Ice by Piper Rayne // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. With the Olympics over, this snowboarder is recovering from a broken arm and heads to his best friend’s house to recover. Feeling the blurred lines between their friendship and romance, he decides to help find her a boyfriend. M/F.
  • His Last Race by Megan Matthews // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Icelandic professional snowboarder is competing in the Winter Games. His girlfriend doesn’t know if they’ll make it through the games with their relationship intact. M/F.
  • His Last Fall by Megan Matthews // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. If her brother knew about the one night stand she had with his professional snowboarding best friend, she would probably be dead. Her brother’s best friend is now pretending like nothing happened, but she’s not going to let the man she’s been in love with since childhood get away. M/F.
  • Bailing Out by Carrie Quest // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Snowboarding’s bad boy has two goals for Sochi: win a medal and tell the truth to his ex-girlfriend, the only woman he’s ever loved. She’s avoiding him at all costs after a car crash ended her Olympic dreams. M/F.
  • Wiping Out by Carrie Quest // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine is determined to leave the Olympic events after watching her brother win gold. Before she goes, she wants to clean up the mess she has with her ex-boyfriend which naturally leads to a hook up instead. A traumatic brain injury ends the snowboarding hero’s career. Then, he is offered a job reporting on the Olympics which brings him back home to her. M/F.


  • ♔ / ☼ Medal Up: A Winter Games Duology by Nicole Flockton & Fiona M. Marseden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. #1: Snowboarder hero & Figure skater heroine. Good girl/Bad Boy Trope. #2: Pairs Figure skater grows closer to her new skating partner. M/F.
  • Love And Other Games by Ana Blaze, Melinda Dozier // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. #1: Klutzy manager of America’s Skating Sweeatheart catches the eye of a Norwegian Ski Jumper. #2: Prankster Snowboarder is shackled to a fence by his teammates. He’s saved by a protocol volunteer. #3: Greek Aerial Skier makes a deal with a reporter. #4: Hockey player has his career nearly ruined by the team’s official photographer. M/F.
  • The Games by Patrician McLinn // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Intertwined stories about about a Skater coming back to the Olympics as a Coach, an Alpine Skier who might have lost her chance at gold along with the man she loves, and a Biathlete who meets a hockey player. M/F.


summer oly.png


Diving 🌊

  • ♔ / ☼ Reckless in Rio by M.J. Summers // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic diver, who is determined not to be distracted by men at the Games, finds herself in the path of a world champion swimmer at Rio. M/F.
  • ☼ / △ Heels Over Head by Elyse Springer // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. One of the best divers in the world is focused on spending the next two years training for the Olympics. The man selected by the head of US Diving to train him is everything he’s not: carefree and openly gay. M/M.
  • ♔ /  Fighting to Win by Nicole Flockton //  Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After a scandal at the diving world championships, an Olympic Diver leaves and publicly humiliates the swimmer she loves. She has to fight for her spot at Rio and her attraction to the swimmer. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Fighting for Love by Nicole Flockton // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A disappointing Olympics makes a diver leave her country to go to Australia to train. Her sexy Rio fling, just back from a successful Games, happens to live in the same complex has her. M/F.
  • Synchronicity by Keira Andrews // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Training with an Olympic synchronized diving veteran is the opportunity of a lifetime for this hero. As the games begin, he has to fight his one sided feelings. M/M.

Equestrian 🏇

  • Fool’s Gold by Sarah Madison // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Eight years ago, a man with a spot on the Olympic Equestrian team lost everything in an accident. After years of work, he’s back at the Olympics. He might also have a second chance with his lost love. M/M.
  • Remember Summer by Elizabeth Lowell // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic Equestrian events turn dangerous. One of the athletes is saved by a man who was trained to deflect disaster when someone opens fire at the games. M/F.

Gymnastics 🤸

  • ♔ / ☼ Lucky in Rio by Kelly Collins // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Gymnast who doesn’t believe in luck collides with a rich, handsome male gymnast about to leave for the Summer Games in Rio. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Blind Landing by Carrie Aarons // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Born to win a gold medal, the USA’s top gymnast is ready to win and has no time for distractions. A fall puts her dreams at risk, forcing her to ask for help from gymnastics’ bad boy. M/F.
  • ☼ / △ Vaulted by E.E. Grey // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Gymnast has spend his entire live working to make the Olympic team and win gold. His teammate, a former bronze medalist, happens to be his crush.. and the man who teases him the most. M/M.
  • ♔ / ☼ Grasping Air by Carrie Aarons // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Despite being cut from the women’s team before Rio, a detached gymnast is brought back for the post-Summer Games Tour. She has to face her history with Gymnastics’ golden boy because it won’t stay buried for long. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Out of Bounds by R.S. Grey // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Rising gymnastics star needs to win Gold to give her mother the life she deserves. While getting ready for Rio, the team gets a new coach. They don’t get along. M/F.

Judo 🤼

  • ♔ / ☼ / ♢ Fury by Alison Ryan // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Rising US Women’s Soccer star is hit with a devastating turn of events before the Olympics. She runs into a man with a tragic past who’s at the Olympics for Judo. Turns out she’s not the only one hiding something. M/F.

Rowing 🚣

  • ♔ / ☼ Better Than Gold by Laurel Greer // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic Rower fresh off of medalling meets a middle-distance runner. He has intentions of just having fun after the Games, but his feelings end up becoming more. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ / ♢ Open Water by Pol Robinson // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A 32 year old Rower, who just made it from alternate to competitor for the Double Scull US Rowing Team, has her last chance to prove her worth. The aloof Rower on her team doesn’t think she has what it takes. F/F.


  • ♔ / ☼ Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic hopeful heroine with a bad history with love has America’s bad boy, a professional soccer player, as her new coach. He’s strictly off-limits. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ Settling the Score by R.S. Grey // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An Olympic soccer rookie decides to find out if the rumors about the Olympic Village are true when she runs into the path of a decorated British swimmer…. and she keeps running into him. M/F.
  • ♔ / ☼ For the Win by Rochelle Allison & Angel Lawson // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Star forward of the women’s Olympic soccer team is skeptical when a former all-star goalie, her ex, is brought back to play on the US Men’s team after going off the grid. M/F
  • ♔ / ☼ / △ Winning Gold by Carmen Lace // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Since childhood, this soccer player has wanted to win Olympic Gold and doesn’t date with her goal in reach. She ends up on the same team as the wild child who has been her rival since childhood. F/F.
  • △ Strikers Gold by Alex Gilove // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Two star strikers on opposing soccer teams are brought together through the Olympics. Trying to fight their chemistry won’t be easy. M/M.

Swimming 🏊‍♀️

  • Second String by Casey McMillin // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A chance encounter with a swimmer training to win Olympic gold leads to a friends with benefits arrangement. The heroine’s childhood sweetheart could ruin the swimmer’s plans to make her his. M/F.
  • Stroked by Meghan Quinn // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. As the Olympics approaches, a Swimmer enters into a fake relationship to improve his image before the games. A recent college graduate dreaming of film production becomes his girlfriend’s assistant. M/F.
  • ♔ / Strokes of Gold by K.E. Osborn // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Swimmer determined to win gold at the Olympics finds trouble in the form of a girl who wants her to fail & a boy who takes her breathe away. M/F.
  • Streaking for Silver by L.V. Lewis // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An athletic trainer heroine has undeniable chemistry with a first time Olympic Swimmer. Her attempts of running from her past bring danger along. M/F.
  • Pisces by Livia Lang // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Journalist at the top of her career interviews the hottest athletes at the Olympic Games. When she meets swimming’s bad boy, things get unprofessional. M/F.
  • Swim Again by Aimi Myles // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An Olympic swimmer is threatened, but refuses to give up on winning Gold. He’s determined to find his assailant and win back the heart of the woman he loves. M/F.
  • Swimming for Love by Naomi Niles // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Hero with a rough childhood and a heroine with a controlling father both use swim as their escape. Now, they’re on the Olympic team the same year. M/F.
  • Fighting for Redemption by Nicole Flockton // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Swimming’s bad boy is on a downward spiral after his bad performance at Rio. After his sponsors threaten to drop him, he gets an agent with a hatred for diva athletes. M/F.
  • In Deep by Callie Harper // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic swimmer going for gold gets a physical therapist. His physical therapist turns out to be a blogger looking for the scoop. M/F.
  • ♢ / △ Relay by Layla Reyne // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Captain of the US Men’s Swim team has to juggle training, admin work, and helping his family with their farm. Then there’s the fact that his ex-lover, swimming’s biggest star, has just made the Olympic team. M/M.

Track & Field🏃‍♀️

  • Going for Gold by L.V. Lewis // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic pole vaulting hero is finally going to met his longtime pen pal, who he assumes is an average person. They’re both hiding secrets. His pen pal is worried that her feelings for him won’t be returned, and he is worried that if she knows about her elite ranking, she’ll treat him shallowly. M/F.
  • Fighting to Dream by Nicole Flockton // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic running chasing his father’s dreams gets an injury that could take away everything he’s worked for. The team’s therapist has her dream job and won’t let anyone distract her. M/F.
  • Echo by Nana Malone // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Runner who is training for the Olympics would rather go to Design school. Her family, not knowing, hires a talented coach, who got hurt before competing in the Olympics, to help her get there. M/F.
  •  ♢  Dream Runner by Gail McFarland // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An Automobile accident injures an Olympic contender who turns to a former NFL running back working as a physical therapist to heal her. M/F.

 Volleyball 🏐

  • Courting Cinderella by Mackenzie Lucas // Adult ⋆ Retelling. An Olympic volleyball player headed to Rio is the celebrity sports figure of her small town. Trouble brews when an exposé photographer, a wicked stepmother, and an ex join the picture. M/F.


  • Rings of Passion by Lisa Rayne, Ann Clay, Denise Jeffries, Yvette Hines // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Set at the Olympics in Rio with four athletes & their love stories. M/F.
  • △ Going for Gold: M/M Olympic Anthology by E.M. Lynley, Kaje Harper, Sarah Madison, Nico Jaye, Whitley Gray, Annabeth Albert, Kelly Rand, and Michael P. Thomas // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Collection of 8 stories featuring Runners, Swimmers, rowers, and more. M/M.

If you know of any books I missed or have any favorites from the list above, feel free to talk about them in the comments!

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  1. Thank you so much for making this awesome list! And thank you for including my books ❤ I will definitely be buying MANY of these and it will help so much with the post-Olympic slump. I'm not ready for the Games to end!


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