Athlete Heroines in Romance ― The Master List

Welcome to the Athlete Heroines in Romance Master List!! There are 200+ books including Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult novels along with every genre from Paranormal to Western. This list will be updated as I find more books (and in the future with former athlete heroines).

Not too long ago, I was compiling books for a blog post about Athlete Heroines in Young Adult novels. From a young age, sports have been an integral part of my life so naturally I wanted to focus on Athlete Heroines. Then, I started thinking about how I wanted to read more New Adult and Adult Romances with Athlete Heroines. 

There seems to be a huge lack of focus on Athlete Heroines in Sports Romance recommendation lists. More often than not, there will just be recommendations with Heroes who are athletes (and usually white ones at that). Naturally, I couldn’t help but compile a list showing all the Athlete Heroines that exist in Romance (because you know how I am with promoting women in male dominated fields *cough* STEM Heroines in Romance Master List *cough*).

I hope this helps you to find your next favorite read. And maybe even gets you inspired to try out a new sport in the New Year 🎉. 

Symbol Guide:

As this is a master list, I haven’t read every book on the list so I can’t give my opinions on all of them. That being said, I’ve denoted books with the symbols below to help you find books that I would personally recommend and books written by women of color, featuring main characters of color, and/or featuring LGBTQ+ main characters:

♡ – Books I’ve read, liked, and would recommend

☆ – Books written by Women of Color (WOC in Romance was a great resource for finding these)

♢ – Books with Main Character(s) of Color or Native/Indigenous Main Characters

△ – Books with LGBTQ+ Main Character(s)

I also specify whether a book is M/F, F/F, or F/Genderqueer LI.

Note: As I haven’t read all of the books listed, I’ve denoted these books based on what I’ve found through reviews or personally know from reading certain ones. If any of the books I’ve listed qualify for any of the symbols above and I missed them, please tell me and I’ll add it!

aquatic sports.png

Diving 🌊

  • Reckless in Rio by M.J. Summers //  New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic diver, who is determined not to be distracted by men at the Games like last time around, finds herself in the path of a world champion swimmer at Rio. M/F.
  • Fighting to Win by Nicole Flockton //  Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After a scandal at the diving world championships, an Olympic Diver leaves and publicly humiliates the swimmer she loves. She has to fight for her spot on the team for Rio and her attraction to him. M/F.
  • Too Hot to Handle by Elizabeth Lowell //  Adult ⋆ Western. Competitive diver recovering from a knee operation finds herself attracted to an older man who owns a ranch. M/F.

Surfing 🏄‍♀️

  • Cinderella in the Surf by Carly Syms // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. M/F. A teenage surfer is sidelined & terrified of the sport. On a summer vacation, a Southern boy helps her rebuild. M/F.
  • ♢ Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Because of her aunt’s car accident, a surfer has to leave her home in Santa Cruz to spend her summer with her dad in Nebraska. She meets a charismatic, one-armed skater while there. M/F.
  • Honey Girl by Lisa Freeman // Young Adult ⋆ Historical. The fatal heart attack of a Hawaiian surfer’s dad moves her to Santa Monica to her alcoholic mother. The leader of the mean girls who rule State Beach becomes the object of her affection, which could lead to her loosing everything. F/F.
  • Mission: Seduction by Candace Havens // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A Pro-surfer has been pretending to be her sister emailing a Marine Lieutenant while he was on tour. When he comes to the resort she owns, she has to tell the truth before something happens between them. M/F.
  • △ Crashing Waves by Graysen Morgen // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After an accident, a pro surfer leaves the beach to run a surf and snowboard manufacturing company. Then, a young surfer begins to pursue her and she might be the key to getting her old self back. F/F.
  • △ Sapphic Surfer by K’Anne Meinel // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A Midwestern girl moves to Southern California where she befriends a professional surfer. As they get closer, she isn’t sure how to handle her new feelings. F/F.
  • △ California Nights by Emily Santoro // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A school teacher and surfing hopeful meets a woman at a beach party in Hawaii who makes her question what she knew about her sexuality. F/F.


Swimming 🏊‍♀️

  • Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A 6-ft tall swimmer who likes girls has to deal with multiple jobs, life in Mississippi, and her pregnant teenage sister. Then, her childhood friend returns and makes her rethink if she only likes girls. M/F.
  • △ Stay by Mia Archer // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Old swimming rivals start to fall for each other as college looms closer. F/F.
  • Just Breathe by Heather Allen // Young Adult ⋆ Fantasy. A teenager with a passion for swimming is dumped by her long time boyfriend. Before her 18th birthday, she meets a boy who may or may not be a mermaid. M/F.
  • ♡ / ☆ / ♢ / △ Like Water by Rebecca Podos // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A swimmer working as a waterpark mermaid feels trapped in her small New Mexican town after graduation. Then, she meets someone who forces her to confront the walls she has created around herself. F/Genderqueer LI.
  • ♢ Spiked by Jennifer Lane // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A scholarship swimmer hoping to make the Olympic team goes to attend the same college as a cute boy she met back when their parents ran against each other in the presidential race. M/F.
  • Stroker by Teagan Kade // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. College Swimmer is only focused on swimming and getting to know her father, the swim coach. Due to a rebellious streak, a male swimmer aiming for the Olympics is allowed to come back on the team, but only if he trains the coach’s daughter.
  • Where We Belong by Eve Connell // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic silver medalist quits swimming after an accident in which her car crashed into a lake and almost left her for dead. An Olympic athlete trainer/her old flame, tries to get her back in the pool. M/F.
  • Girl Underwater by Claire Kells // New Adult ⋆ Survival. Nationally ranked swimmer is involved in an airplane crash that leaves her and four survivors strained. She is forced to stop avoiding her teammate who challenged her. M/F.
  • Strokes of Gold by K.E. Osborn // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Swimmer determined to win gold at the Olympics finds trouble once she makes it to Olympic Trials in the form of a girl who wants her to fail & a boy who takes her breathe away. M/F.
  • △ Freestyle Flirting by Nicolette Dane // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Competitive Swimmer who was sidelined by a family tragedy makes her reappearance hoping to take home Gold in the Olympics. She begins a forbidden affair with her new coach. F/F.



Basketball 🏀

  • Head Games by Keri Mikulski // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Playoffs are coming and a tall basketball star finds herself torn between a fellow basketball star and the sweet guy from her English class. M/F.
  • How to Reprimand Your Rock Star by Mina Vaughn // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. UConn’s star basketball player is aiming to be rookie of the year, but she can’t stop thinking about the rock star that surprised her in the locker room. M/F.
  • Points on a Curve by Diane Nelson // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Basketball player with a past clashes with her best friend’s older brother who is a hotshot sports journalist. M/F.
  • Settle the Score / Hustle Play by Tara Frejas // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. College senior who lives for basketball finds out her friend, and long-time crush, who is a cheerdancer is being cheated on by his girlfriend. Her attention becomes divided between her friend and the rival school’s hottie. M/F.
  • The Millionaire’s Ultimate Catch by Michelle Monkou // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. WNBA star accepts an invitation to stay at a millionaire’s country estate while recovering after saving a girl from an attacker. The millionaire she is staying with has his sights set on her. M/F.

Tennis 🎾

  • Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A girl with terrible luck is encouraged by her therapist to stop hiding in her room. She takes up tennis and meets an aspiring star who tries to help with her unlucky streak. M/F.
  • Slam by Holly S. Roberts // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Tennis player, and daughter of a senator, aims to win her fifth grand slam title. A stalker threatens her wild life and puts her in the hospital. She gets a hot bodyguard. M/F.
  • Game of Love by Ara Grigorian // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After a scandal and loosing the Australian Open, this tennis playing heroine is solely focused on winning the French Open. Until one chance encounter with a man threatens to change the game. M/F.
  • △ Match Point by R.L. Burgess // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A tennis player who gave up her Grand Slam dreams for love, makes a comeback to the game with a broken heart. She rehires her coach in hopes of a wild card entry for the US Open. As their travels to tournaments begin, the two have a hard time fighting their growing attraction. F/F.
  • Love Aced by Jamie W. Matlock // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Tennis star with secret injuries her knee giving her a much needed break. She ends up under the same roof as an anti-American, Spanish tennis player. M/F.
  • One ~ Love by Lynn Ames // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An aging tennis star, in the closet and with a traumatic past, meets an woman with a broken heart. F/F.
  • Not So Snow White by Donna Kauffman // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A tennis star since 15, this 29 year old is about to be upstaged by a teenager player. That teenager’s brother/manager throws her off her game. With the help of a modern-day fairy godmother. things just might work out.
  •  / ♢ McNeil’s Match by Gwynne Forster // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Former ranked profesional tennis star gave up her dream when she got married. A gruff business man hiding his caring nature tries to convince her that she still has what it takes to go back to tennis. M/F.
  • Winning Doubles by Carmen Lace // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After her doubles partner quits, this heroine wonders if she should quit. Then, her biggest rival of the previous season finds her partner injured and their coach pairs them together. M/F.
  • △ Lucky Loser by Yolanda Wallace // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Tennis player begins to fall for her friend and former doubles partner despite having her heart broken by another player in the past. F/F.
  • △ Forty Love by Diana Simmonds // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. American tennis champ has a career threatening injury that forces her to face that fans are fickle and real friends are rare. She has a chance meeting with an Australian painter trapped in a loveless marriage.
  • △ In Her Court by Tamsen Parker // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. At a camp for adults, a Geology PhD candidate intending on spending the summer with her best friend, is greeted with her friend’s younger sister who is filling in as a tennis instructor. Said younger sister has had a crush on her for years. F/F.

Volleyball 🏐

  •  Blocked by Jennifer Lane // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A Volleyball player on a scholarship in her first year of college hopes to impress one hot, blonde men’s volleyball player in particular. But, there’s the issue of their parents running against each other in the current presidential race. M/F.
  •  Aced by Jennifer Lane // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A blocker who has to worry about med school applications and Team USA tryouts then meets her friend’s brother when he visits his sister at school. M/F.
  •  / ♢ Once upon a Player by Agay Llanera // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Star university spiker is bitten by the commitment bug and sets her sights on a cute boy. She always gets what she wants & assumes she’ll have him by graduation. Things don’t go as planned. M/F.
  • Courting Cinderella by Mackenzie Lucas // Adult ⋆ Retelling. An Olympic volleyball player is the celebrity sports figure of a small town. Trouble brews when an exposé photographer, a wicked stepmother, and an ex join the picture. M/F.


Football (the American one) 🏈

  • Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine who is quarterback & captain of her high school’s football team is aiming to get an athletic scholarship to a top college. Then, a hot transfer student who is a talented quarterback stirs things up. Her heart included. M/F.
  • Playing With the Boys by Liz Tigelaar// Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After not making the soccer team, this heroine becomes the kicker for the varsity football team while having to deal with backlash from the other players and her overbearing father. M/F.
  • Cinderella in Cleats by Carly Syms // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. The death of her father ends Whitney’s games of football with her best friend and their fathers. Two years later, she goes back to play football in high school. M/F.
  • Kicked by Celia Aaron // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Third string kicker and only woman on the school’s football team is aiming to get first string to get a full scholarship. The only way to get there is to trust the star quarterback, which she swore she would never do again. M/F.
  • Touchdown Hero by Rachel Maldonado // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine playing football on an all women’s football team meets a woman where she leasts expects it. It seems too good to be true. F/F.
  • ☆ / Running Interference by Elley Arden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Offensive linewoman is reunited with her former best friend/high school love when her father’s boxing gym is near financial ruin. He’s a Super Bowl MVP who still regrets walking away from their friendship. M/F.
  • Crossing Lines by Elley Arden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Wide Receiver with a “no rules” lifestyle causes trouble for the former marine and restaurateur who becomes the team’s new offensive coordinator. When her family comes calling, she asks him to help her act prim and proper. A fake engagement ensues. M/F.
  • ☆ / Keeping Score by Elley Arden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Cleveland Clash Center wants to be more than a elementary school teacher. One kiss with a sexy stranger later and she is in trouble when it turns out to be a sports radio shock jock who is an enemy of the team.  M/F.
  •  Heal My Heart by Elley Arden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Professional football quarterback gets a concussion when she falls over the railing at a baseball game. A Sports medicine doctor, who’s brothers play baseball, comes into her life. M/F. Added 1/5/18. 
  • She’s a Sinner by Lynn Shurr // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Star punter and grandchild of a Hall-of-Famer has adored the team’s kicker for years. He helps her get in with the team, but she wants and relationship and not to be coddled. M/F.


  • Right of First Refusal by Dahlia Adler // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Lacrosse player wants the school’s new basketball student-coach who broke her heart at sports camp two years ago. They agree to keep their past a secret when her roommate gets him first. M/F.

Mixed Martial Arts & Kickboxing 👊

  • Take Me On by Katie McGarry // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Champion kickboxer vows to to never set her foot in the ring again after an accident. The guy who she is unable to get off her mind then accepts a fight in her honor. She becomes his trainer.
  •  / ♢ In Her Corner by Vicki Essex // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A woman from a Brazilian dynasty of MMA athletes aims to make a name for herself as a female athlete separate from her family as they don’t support her dream. She has to rely on her medal-winning coach. M/F.
  •  / ♢ Guilty Pleasure by Deborah Fletcher Mello // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. M/F.
  • Battered Not Broken by Ranae Rose // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Amateur fighter struggling to hold her family together catches the eye of an ex-Marine/competitive MMA fighter.
  • Below the Belt Sarah Mayberry // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Boxer who impresses a gym owner/trainer bent on finding more male boxing talent, who instead takes her on, offers that they have a no strings attached arrangement. M/F.

Roller Derby 💥

  • Love and Skate by Lila Felix // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. On the rink, she’s a leader. Off the rink, she’s timid & has only been hurt once in love. M/F.
  • Roller Girl by Vanessa North // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A recent divorcée with a floundering personal-training career feels lost until a call to a plumbing service leads to an invite to a roller derby team. F/F.
  • Crash Into You by Diana Morland// Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Roller Derby helped this heroine get out of her bad relationship and the stress of work. One day, she literally runs into the blocker for an opposing team who trips her up like no one has before. F/F.
  • Let’s Jam by Diana Morland // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. In love with her roller derby’s team captain for two years, she knows nothing good will come of it. A one night stand is proposed and the tension builds.
  • The Derby Girl by Tamara Morgan // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Roller Derby heroine is attracted to her unattainable neighbor from a distance. He asks her out by surprise and as their relationship progresses she’s afraid to shatter the “bad girl” image he has of her. M/F.
  • Beast Behaving Badly by Shelly Laurenston // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Heroine asks a polar bear shifter/hockey player to teach her how to be tougher so she can ditch her cheery attitude on the rink. He keeps surveillance on her when there’s a plot to use her in shifter dogfights. M/F.

field sports.png

Soccer ⚽ (That’s Football for everyone else not in America).

  • / ☆ / ♢ I Believe In a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A varsity Soccer star is a disaster in romance. When a new, artsy kid comes to her school she decides to use the guidance of her father’s beloved Korean dramas to win him. M/F.
  • Play With Me By Piper Shelly & Anna Katmore // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After soccer tryouts, this heroine tries to finally win her best friend and love since kindergarten soccer camp over only for him to be interested in another girl. At the selection party, she ends up in the arms of the soccer team’s hot captain. M/F.
  • Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Captain of the soccer team, president of the debate club, and all around overachiever heroine lies to cover for her boyfriend and is then kicked out of private school. She has to start over at a new school and on a new soccer team that used to be her rival. The only person who gets her situation is her long time crush: her older brother’s best friend. M/F.
  • Beautiful Game by Kate Christie // New Adult ⋆ Historical. Sophomore attending San Diego University on a soccer scholarship has a great life and gay friends. A star-caliber tennis player takes notice of her. F/F.
  • Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic hopeful heroine with a bad history with love has America’s bad boy, a professional soccer player, as her new coach. He’s strictly off-limits. M/F.
  • Off Pitch by Brianna Kienitz // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Soccer Star has no interested outside of finishing school and joining a professional soccer team until she has a drunken night with a teaching assistant. F/F.
  • Settling the Score by R.S. Grey // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An Olympic soccer rookie decides to find out if the rumors about the Olympic Village are true when she runs into the path of a decorated British swimmer. And she keeps running into him. M/F.
  • For the Win by Rochelle Allison & Angel Lawson // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Star forward of the women’s Olympic soccer team is skeptical when a former all-star goalie, and her ex, is brought back to play on the US Men’s team after going off the grid. M/F.
  • The End Game by Kate McCarthy // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Australian soccer star on a scholarship in American has no room for a hotshot wide receiver in her life. M/F.
  • / ☆ / ♢  Well Played by Katrina Ramos Atienza // New Adult ⋆ Retelling. University Soccer Playing “Elizabeth” aims to win the regional soccer championships, and maybe get closer to her rock star crush. Then an arrogant, math-minded classmate comes into the picture. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ Kulti by Mariana Zapata // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Professional Soccer playing heroine meets the now retired German Soccer star she worshipped as a child when he becomes her team’s coach. While she is over her childhood crush, she wasn’t ready to see him as the shell of the great man he once was. M/F.
  • Defensive Mindset by Wendy Temple // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A star soccer player and successful businesswoman has her life on track. Until a rival player with a past ends up on the same Edinburgh soccer team as her. F/F.
  • Winning Gold by Carmen Lace // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Since childhood, this soccer player has wanted to win Olympic Gold and doesn’t date with her goal in reach. She ends up on the same team as the wild child who has been her rival since childhood. F/F.
  • For the Win by Sara Rider // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Captain of the Seattle Falcons soccer team is determined to stay focused and win a national championship. Her her, the star of the Seattle Surge, crashes their press conference and makes a fool of them. She’s set on revenge. M/F.
  • Keeping Score by Sara Rider // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Profesional soccer player with two Olympic medals under her belt is now the Assistant Captain of the Seattle Falcons. An ankle injury causes the team’s physiotherapist to bench her. He has to get her healed or he looses his job. M/F.
  • MacRieve by Kresley Cole // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Soccer playing heroine, who is the daughter of the man set out to kill all Loreans, is about to be the object of revenge by a Lorean until he recognizes that she is his mate. M/F.

Softball & Baseball 

  • The Game Can’t Love You Back by Karole Cozzo // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. The only girl on the school’s baseball team is forced to switch school teams after her high school is involved in a freak accident. The new team she is on isn’t used to having girls on their team, and the star pitcher doesn’t want to be ousted from his throne. M/F.
  • Fast Pitch by Graysen Morgen // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Senior catcher and captain of the softball team is focused on her senior thesis and graduation. When a hotshot freshman pitcher joins the team, she has to spend extra time practicing with her. M/F.
  • The Perfect Game by Elley Arden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Sole female starting pitcher in professional baseball has to decide whether to become the first woman to coach an NCAA baseball team or possibly become the first woman to play in the Major League. When her usual catcher fails a drug test, a new one, who is her total opposite, has to step up to the plate. M/F.
  • Out of Her League by Kaylea Cross // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Softball player is close to making the Olympic team when threats from an obsessed fan put her in danger. She puts her faith in an ERT officer to protect her. M/F.

Track & Field/Cross Country 🏃‍♀️

  • ☆ / ♢  / △ It’s Not Like It’s a Secret by Misa Sugiura // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Japanese Cross Country runner Sana moves to California and has to grapple with secrets, her dad’s affair, and her blooming relationship with a girl. F/F.
  • ♢  Wing Jones by Katherine Webber // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Chinese-African American girl discovers her talent for running after her town idol brother causes a fatal car crash while driving drunk. Her brother’s best friend sees her running one night and aims to get her on the track team. M/F.
  • Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Teenager who hates running begins training for a marathon in honor of her boyfriend who passed away before he could complete one. The training isn’t easy, but someone comes along to help her. M/F.
  • Pepped Up by Ali Dean // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. While working to qualify for Nationals, a Cross Country runner also deals starts to face her feelings for her long time friend. Then, a running star moves to town muddling her feelings. M/F.
  • Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. When her father goes back to coaching major league baseball, a Track star has to move to an all-girls school and fight her forbidden feelings for a rookie pitcher on her dad’s team. M/F.
  • The Recruiting Trip by Lexy Timms // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Aspiring college athlete with a talent for hurdles visits a Division One school on a recruiting trip. There she meets the school’s NCAA champion in hurdles who is also a football player. M/F.
  • Flight by Kate Christie // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A life of bad luck and family deaths leads an aspiring track and field star to put her life on hold. When she moves to New York, she just might find new teammates and someone to call home. F/F.
  • Play by Holly S. Roberts // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Long distance runner intimidates men with her wit and height. She attends a pre-season jock party as the designated driver for her sister where she meets the hottest quarterback in the NFL. M/F.
  • Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O’Roark // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. College track star looks for a fresh start after the lose of her Division One University scholarship. The new coach can’t get her off his mind despite having to deal with a new job, a struggling track team, and his father’s debt and failing farm. M/F.
  •  Runaway Heart by Lisa Rayne // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Two-time All-American track star is on her way to the Summer Games with what may be her last chance at winning the most gold medals during a single game than any woman in track history. Two rival suitors come into the picture potentially throwing off her game. M/F.
  • / ♢Love on the Track by Alithea-Jae Smith // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Former Olympic track dreamer now disillusioned after an abusive relationship moves back to the Bahamas and is reunited with her childhood friend. He wants to win Gold, and helps her realize her love for track again. M/F.
  • Winning Ruby Heart by Jennifer Lohmann // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After being exposed for doping, a former Olympic runner is determined to make her comeback in the sport. The reporter who had his big break exposing her starts to fall for her as he watches her determination. He also used to be a college football player until an injury left him paraplegic. M/F.
  •  ♢  Dream Runner by Gail McFarland // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An Automobile accident injuries an Olympic contender who turns to a former NFL running back working as a physical therapist to heal her. M/F.
  • / ♢ Long Distance Lover by Donna Hill // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. World-class sprinter with no time for romance has her career in shambles after an injury and doping scandal. She turns to her former coach, the only man she has ever loved, to clear her of the charges. M/F.


Cheerleading 📣

  • Chasing Nikki by Lacey Weatherford // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Cheerleader, who is more than just a pretty face, is pursued by a football player with a troubled past after he moves to the small ranching community she lives in. M/F.
  • Right Text Wrong Number by Natalie Decker // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Cheerleader and a football player who are total opposites unknowingly end up talking after she accidentally sends him an angry text about naked photos meant for someone else. M/F.
  • Fraternize by Rachel Van Dyken // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Plus sized, Professional cheerleader working for her favorite professional football team finds trouble in love. She’s pulled between her first love and a man with a reputation. M/F.
  • Infraction by Rachel Van Dyken // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Cheerleader fake dates her brother’s best friend as the world around her falls apart. He makes her forget about everything else. M/F.
  • Sweet Fall by Tillie Cole // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. University of Alabama Cheerleader has everything she wants until something comes to threaten it all. The school’s Wide Receiver hoping to get picked in the Draft finds himself falling for her. M/F.
  • / ♢ Field of Pleasure by Farrah Rochon // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A cheerleading choreographer for a professional football team hopes to open up her own dance studio, but struggles with economic security. The recently single star cornerback for the team decides to put her in his sights. M/F.
  • Lawless in Leather by Melanie Scott // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Burlesque club proprietor finds herself as the choreographer of the New York Saint’s cheerleading squad to save her burlesque club. One of the team’s owners, who deals with security, is not to happy about them having a cheerleading squad. M/F.
  • Naked Bootleg by Ann Jacobs // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Gorgeous Cheerleader falls hard for a rookie quarterback with a multi-million dollar contract. His ex-girlfriend coming to town stirs up issues of trust. M/F.
  • / ♢ Dance of Temptation by Janice Sims // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Prima ballerina tired of being alone is sidelined after a devastating surprise and she is tempted by a partner from her past. A wildly successful sports agent becomes enchanted by her. M/F.


  • / △ Second Position by Katherine Locke // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. While recovering from the mental and physical breakdown that forced a ballet dancer to put a hold on her career, she runs into her old love who had to end his ballet career after the car accident they were both involved in that left him disabled. M/F.
  • With a Twist by Staci Hart // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Ballet dancer hoping to make the New York Ballet is thrown off course when her long time crush becomes single again. But she then finds herself spinning into the arms of a man she didn’t know she wanted. M/F.
  • Breaking Skin by Debra Doxer // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Ballerina who turns pain into art meets a former hockey player with a kid. M/F.
  • Dance For Me by Helena Newbury // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Promising Ballerina who hides her pain gets a life-changing audition. A multi-millionaire designer hires her to be his muse. M/F.
  • ♢ The Ballerina & The Fighter by Ursula Sinclair // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Ballerina is reunited with her childhood friend who is now an MMA fighter. He’s hiding something from her that could ruin their relationship. M/F.
  • Into Your Arms by Abigail Strom // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Profesional Ballet dancer determined not to let anything get in the way of her career can’t ignore the chemistry she has with her new neighbor. M/F.
  • / ♢ Like No One Else by Maureen Smith // Adult ⋆ Suspense. After a scandal, a Ballet dancer flees her career in New York to open a dance studio in Houston for a fresh start. A local woman connected to her turns up dead, and a veteran homicide detective, who used to be attracted to the dancer, tries to solve the case as the body count rises. M/F.
  • The Daddy Dance by Mindy Klasky // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Injured ballerina comes home to heal and help her overburdened mom who owns a dance studio. Romance is the last thing on her mind, but she starts to fall for her high school crush who doesn’t plan on staying in town. M/F.
  • / ♢ Our First Dance by Judy Lynn Hubbard // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine committed to becoming a prima ballerina has no room in her life for a tempting bad boy/former dancer who owns the ballet company. M/F.
  • The Ballerina Bride by Fiona Harper // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Prima ballerina facing rumors she has lost her sparkle is offered a week on a tropical island on a survival expert’s show. M/F.
  • The Alaskan Rescue by Dominique Burton // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After coming to Alaska to open her own ballet studio, this heroine has her leg broken by a bear and may never dance again. The doctor helping her sends out mixed signals. M/F.
  • / ♢ On Pointe by Shelly Ellis // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An ugly break up with her fiancé leaves a dance teacher in trouble, and she now faces the possibility of her performance academy closing. One of her old ballet students arrives in town. He’s no longer the goofy boy she once knew. M/F.
  • The Rancher’s Dance by Allison Leigh // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Injured Ballerina goes to her family’s Wyoming ranch to heal. She meets the sexy rancher next door with a shy daughter. M/F.
  • ♡ / ☆ / ♢ Undone by the Ex-Con by Talia Hibbert // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Diabetic Ballerina’s brother is threatened forcing her to seduce the ex-con turned author she hates. M/F.
  • A Private Duel with Agent Gunn by Jillian Stone // Adult ⋆ Historical. Prima ballerina with a glamorous life has grown up since loosing her heart to a man years ago. He was going under an alias then as a Scotland Yard Agent, and is now assigned to play nanny to her. M/F.
  • Ways to Be Wicked by Julie Anne Long // Adult ⋆ Historical. Darling of the Paris ballet goes across the English Channel because of a mysterious letter. She lands, literally, in the lap of one of London’s most notorious men: a theater impresario. M/F.
  • Dark Needs at Night’s Edge by Kresley Cole // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Famous Ballerina from a past century becomes a phantom when she is murdered. She haunts her home until she meets a ruthless, mad vampire warrior. M/F.

Dancing 💃

  • All the Pretty Poses by M. Leighton // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dancer hoping to become apart of the Altman American Dance Theater has a difficult time reaching her goals as a girl who started from nothing. The man who shattered her life comes back into the picture and offers her something she can’t refuse. M/F.
  • Boarded by Love by Toni Aleo // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A sophomore dancer by day/a burlesque dancer by night meets a hockey player who is aiming for the draft. M/F.
  • Breathe With Me by Kristen Proby // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dancer trying to forget her high school sweetheart she left ten years ago comes back to Seattle to run a dance studio. M/F.
  • Breaking Away by Toni Aleo // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Owner of a Dance Studio meets a professional hockey player who is the guardian of one of the talented teenage girls dancing at her studio. M/F.
  • Touch Me And Tango by Alicia Street & Roy Street // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Rising Ballroom dance star has to return home after an SOS from her mother where she runs into the man she left years ago. M/F.
  • The Dance Off by Ally Blake // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dancer giving lessons for a wedding tries to steer clear from the jaw-dropping architect who is sister to the bride. M/F.
  • Be Mine Forever by Marina Adair // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dance school owner struggles to keep her school open while raising her son. In exchange for ballroom dance lessons, the resident commitment-phobe will watch her son. M/F.
  • / ♢ Take the Lead by Alexis Daria // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Puerto Rican Dancer on her 5th season of a top-rated network TV celebrity dance competition wants to win this season. Her partner is the handsome star of a popular Alaskan wilderness reality show, and he could be her ticket to the finals. Until, she figures out she’s being set up because he hates reality TV. M/F.
  • / ♢ Dance With Me Alexis Daria // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dancer trying to prove she can make it as a pro finds herself overworked and out of money. When her bedroom is flooded, she is desperate enough to stay with the one man she can’t quit who happens to be one of her show’s judges. M/F.
  • Waltz this Way by Dakota Cassidy // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Former Ballroom dancing champion takes refuge at her dad’s retirement community after a messy divorce. She becomes the dance instructor at a private school for genius boys to make money where she meets the school’s sexy handyman. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ One Spark of Magic by Iris Bolling // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dancer follows her grand mere’s dream to a life changing plane ride where she meets a baseball star who is the man she is meant to marry. M/F.
  • / ♢ His Perfect Partner by Priscilla Oliveras // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dance teacher headed for Broadway doesn’t want to let herself get too close to the workaholic father of one of her dancers. M/F.
  • More Than a Rancher by Claire McEwen // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Ballroom dancer done with romance meets a sexy town chef/rancher and begins to wonder if their different worlds could merge. M/F.
  • Take Me by Diane Alberts // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Dancer who refused to let anything get in between her and her dreams has had boyfriends in the past who made her pick between them and dancing. Her one night stand turns into a second night and a marriage in Vegas. M/F.
  • The Rumba by Georgia Hill // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. To revive her acting career, this heroine joins “Who Dares Dances”, a reality tv show about dancing. She meets the dare-devil producer and has an instant attraction to him. M/F.
  • The Waltz by Georgia Hill // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Bestselling children’s author joints “Who Dares Dances” to face her phobias where she meets a fellow competitor who is an Olympic Swimmer. M/F.
  • The Charleston by Georgia Hill // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A failed comedian joins “Who Dares Dances” because of her aunt. She ends up being partnered with a profesional dancer still getting over his feelings for a recently engaged woman. M/F.
  • Waltz on the Wild Side by Alana Albertson // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Two ballroom superstars, who were best friends, are now bitter rivals deal with their respective love lives. M/F.
  • ☆  / ♢  Jezebel by Koko Brown // Adult ⋆ Historical. Beautiful Dancer with a dark past pushes her worry away with late nights and men. When a prizefighter walks into her life, she’ll have a hard time keeping up her front. M/F.
  • Holiday on Ice by Jaci Burton // Adult ⋆ Holiday. Dancer resumes her affair with a superstar hockey player while refusing to call it a relationship. She’s been burned before, but he wants more. M/F.


  • Lucky in Rio by Kelly Collins // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Gymnast who doesn’t believe in luck collides with a rich, handsome male gymnast about to leave for the Summer Games in Rio. M/F.
  • Blind Landing by Carrie Aarons // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Born to win a gold medal, the USA’s top gymnast is ready to win gold and has no time for distractions. A fall puts her dreams at risk forcing her to ask for help from gymnastics’ bad boy who she wants nothing to do with. M/F.
  • Grasping Air by Carrie Aarons // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Despite being cut from the women’s team before Rio, a detached gymnast is brought back for the post-Summer Games Tour. She has to face her history with Gymnastics’ golden boy, who disproves of her the most, because it won’t stay buried for much longer. M/F.
  • Out of Bounds by R.S. Grey // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Rising gymnastics star needs to win Gold to give her mother the life she deserves. While getting ready for Rio, the team gets a new coach. They don’t get along. M/F.
  • Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Former elite gymnast now working as a carny is kidnapped by vampires because she can channel electricity and has telepathic powers. Vlad (yes that one) is the one she is forced to locate. They team up to take down who is after the both of them.  M/F.


Hockey 🏒

  • Just One of the Boys by Leah Rooper & Kate Rooper // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Being rejected from a hockey team because she’s a girl doesn’t stop this heroine from playing for an elite junior hockey team. When she joins the team disguised as her twin brother, she starts to develop feelings for the star player. M/F.
  • Interference by Zoe Reed // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. This roller hockey player doesn’t want to be in a relationship, especially with someone like the star player from the rival team. But the two strike up an unlikely romance and have to deal with the aftermath. F/F.
  • Offside by Juliana Stone // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Hockey phenom heroine returns home and wants to play in her local Friday night hockey league. Unfortunately, not everyone is too happy about a woman being on the team. The man who broke her year years ago doesn’t seem to care much about the town’s choosing sides on the issue. M/F.
  • Clipped by Love by Toni Aleo // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine aiming to be the first woman in the National Hockey League can’t let anyone stand in her way. But the man who is her biggest competitor is also the one she is falling for. M/F.
  • Delay of Game by Tracey Richardson // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A dozen years since two of the world’s best female hockey players played against each other in the Olympics and ended their love affair, the games are happening again. One wants to finally beat the Canadians while the other wants to bring her country to success as their coach. F/F. 
  • Breakaway Hearts by Crista McHugh // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An unplanned pregnancy stopped one heroine’s Olympic hockey dreams. When her son dies, she comes back to hockey to fulfill her promise to him of making the Olympic team. She won’t let anyone, including a hockey star recovering from a knee injury, get in her way. M/F.
  • Overtime by Toni Aleo // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Trying to move on from the man who broke her heart, an Olympic Gold medalist is offered a job training a professional hockey team. The man who broke her heart plays for the team. M/F.
  • Scorin’ on the Fourth of July by Cassandra Carr // Adult ⋆ Holiday. Goaltender ,who lead the US women’s hockey team to Gold, is participating in a charity hockey tournament while hoping to move on to a professional team willing to take a female goaltender. She meets a man who just signed a free agent contract with a professional hockey team. M/F.
  • Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Enforcer on an all-shifter pro hockey team also works on a Shifter agency that protects their people. After too many jello shots, she wakes up in the arms of a bear shifter. M/F.

Figure Skating & Ice Dancing 

  • The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Figure skater has been in love with the boy next door who is also her skating partner. When their coach assigns them a romantic skating routine, they will have to face their feelings for each other. M/F.
  • Ice Games by Jessica Clare // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Former Olympic ice skating darling, now working in a local mall, is offered a spot on a reality TV show called ‘Ice Dancing with the Stars’. In order to get the chance to get back into ice skating, she agrees. Her MMA bad boy partner looking to fix his image becomes a problem. M/F.
  • Crossing the Ice by Jennifer Comeaux // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. With one shot left at her and her pair skater partner accomplishing their Olympic dream, there’s no room for distraction. Then, a guy from their rival team becomes a problem as his true, sweet personality is revealed. M/F.
  • Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Skater new to pairs skating aims to win Olympic gold. Their new coach ended his skating career after a mysterious event. While the pair is on track to be top contenders, forbidden feelings begin to start between the skater and her coach. M/F.
  • Frozen Barriers by Sara Shirley // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. American’s new figure skating star is trying to discover her own identity. After a chance meeting, she crosses paths with a minor league hockey player who always thought he would play for the NHL. M/F.
  • ☆ Signed Over to Santino by Maya Blake // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Champion Figure skater loses her virginity to a Spanish aristocrat and flees. Three years later she needs his help and he asks her to be his lover in return. M/F.
  • Barree’s Blades by Patrizia Murray // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Skater has a hard road to the Olympics. She meets an arrogant bobsledder who also has his sights on the Games. M/F.
  • Home Ice by Katie Kenyhercz // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Landing a triple axel leads to a broken ankle for a skater trying to reach her Olympic goal. Now, she’s working in the Sin City Ice show to stay afloat. The NHL’s youngest captain turns to her. M/F.
  • Shining Through by Elizabeth Harmon // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. America’s skating sweetheart on track to win Gold is finding it hard to deal with her family’s pressure. Russia’s skating bad boy temps her to give into the taste of freedom. M/F.
  • Spiraling by Rachel Cross // Adult ⋆ Contemporary.  Skater on track to win Olympic medals gave it up for skating’s equivalent of the circus as the lead in Enchanted Ice. She’s offered a job to teach a Hollywood heartthrob how to skate for his role in a hockey film. M/F.
  • Pairing Off by Elizabeth Harmon // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Pairs figure skater has her Winter Games dreams destroyed when her partner causes one fo the top scandals in skating history. Her career seems to be over until she receives an invitation from a champion, Russian skater she had a one night stand with. M/F.
  • Gifts by Stephanie Burkhart // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Skater who lost her coach returns to Amsterdam and agrees to be the partner of a man looking for a second chance after dropping his partner and breaking his arm. M/F.
  • / ♢ Fire Beneath the Ice by Linda Hudson-Smith // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Champion figure skater seems to have it all when she gets married, but after a tragedy she finds herself on thin ice. M/F.
  • / ♢ Hearts On Ice by Janae Keyes // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. America’s Ice Princess and Hockey’s Bad Boy collide when they meet at rehab after injuries. M/F.
  • An Inconvenient Wife by Katy Madison // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Ice Dancer wants to win Gold, but she’ll need a partner to do it. The one man available is the wrong nationality. With her dreams on the line, she marries him so they can compete together. M/F.
  • Golden Dreams by Darlene Franklin // Adult ⋆ Historical. Ice skater heroine aiming to compete in the world’s foremost skating competition deals with her siblings who just want help on the farm and her feelings for her new coach. M/F.
  • Realm of the Ice God by Adrianna Dane // Adult ⋆ Fantasy. Professional ice skater meets a driven ice sculptor. M/F.
  • Intergalactic Gold by Samantha Blair // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Skater hoping to win competes in a intergalactic circuit, but she doesn’t have the money to pay for it. Her mother wants her to marry a wealthy alien man to provide the funds. M/F.
  • On Thin Ice by Susan Andersen // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Undercover DEA Agent suspects an Ice Skating star of selling drugs. There’s a dead body in the wake of her ice show’s tour. M/F.


  • Carry Your Heart by Audrey Bell // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After loosing her boyfriend and desire to win because of an avalanche, a champion skier returns to skiing and meets a heartbreaking, daredevil gold medalist. M/F.
  • Love on the Slopes by Elizabeth Goddard // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Despite a possibly career-ending injury and the lose of making the nation’s top ski team, this heroine pushes to come back. But not without her handsome coach pushing back for fear of her safety. M/F.
  • Carry Your Heart by Audrey Bell // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After loosing her boyfriend and desire to win because of an avalanche, a champion skier returns to skiing and meets a heartbreaking, daredevil gold medalist. M/F.
  • The Girl behind the Gold by Aria Kane // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A Greek aerial skier has to medal and land a sponsorship to ensure that she saves her family farm. When she meets a reporter searching for a sob story at the Winter Games, the two make a deal. M/F.
  • Christmas in the Rink by Dora Hiers // Adult ⋆ Holiday. Skater’s pairs partner left her, dashing her Olympic dreams when she can’t find another partner that matches the rhythm they once head. Now, that both of them have stopped skating but are back in town together, can they get back on the ice? M/F.

Snowboarding 🏂

  • The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Teen Snowboarding stars used to be a hot item until their affair ended with a publicized breakup. When her ex doesn’t think she can compete with the boys, she challenges him to a head-to-heat snowboarding contest. M/F.
  • Slashed by Tracy Wolff // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Snowboarder who is one of the boys is focused on shredding at the Olympics. Her snowboarding friend finds himself left behind when he keeps coming in second and when she starts pursuing another guy. M/F.
  • Shooting for the Stars by Sarina Bowen // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Professional Snowboarder heroine who freerides has been in love with her brother’s best friend for years. After they get together one night, her brother is in a serious accident and they have to deal with the aftermath. M/F.
  • On the Slopes by Bridie Hall // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Snowboarder with a promising career is determined not to give up her career like her mother did when she got pregnant. An American freestyle champion enthralls her, and could mess everything up. M/F.
  • Edge of Glory by Rachel Spangler // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Olympic medal Snowboarder becomes an underdog with aching knees. She ends up teaming up with an unorthodox, has-been snowboarder struggling to make the Olympic ski team. F/F.

Other Winter Sports 

  • Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks by Andrea Brokaw// Young Adult ⋆ Retelling. Dreaming of being an Olympic Curler since a young age, Darcy Bennet focuses on short term goals like getting into a local college and making sure her best friend doesn’t go to the other side of the continent for university.  There’s one thing standing in her way: Lucas Fitzwilliam. M/F.
  • Love on the Tracks by Tamsen Parker // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Darling of the Denver Snow Games brings Luge into the spotlight with her daredevil ways. Her and the lead singer of the hottest band in the country start a fake relationship after a photo of him kissing her on the cheek goes viral. M/F.



 Cycling 🚴‍♀️

  • Ride with Me by Ruthie Knox // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Cycler places an ad for a cycling companion to go on the TransAmerican Trail with her. She ends up with a sexy loner with a bad attitude. M/F.
  • Cross-Checked by Lily Harlem // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Long-distance, Olympic cycler becomes the object of a bay-boy hockey player’s affection. M/F.
  • Descent by Julie Cannon // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Mountain bike racer is determined to see her name on the leader board. She comes head to head with the rival, who she had a brief affair with in the past. F/F.

Equestrian & Polo 🏇

  • Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine who helps her father train horses is more comfortable around horses than boys. The son of the family her dad works for is totally off limits. M/F.
  • Wild in Rio by Lyssa Kay Adams // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. M/F. American Equestrian star needs to win gold so she can escape from the clutches of her rich family. But she also wants to find the mysterious stranger who showed her unexpected kindness years ago. The stranger was an Irish boxer who was equally enchanted. M/F.
  • Remember Summer by Elizabeth Lowell // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. M/F. Olympic Equestrian events turn dangerous one of the athletes is saved by a man, who was trained to deflect disaster, when someone opens fire at the games. M/F.
  • Mounting Danger by Karis Walsh // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Sergeant who upholds the rules becomes in charge of a new mounted division team. She meets the scion of a polo-playing dynasty who doesn’t play by the rules. F/F.
  • Bareback by D. Jackson Leigh // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Former gold medalist, now a womanizing trainer, teams up with a horsewoman who’s mount recently died in a tragic accident. A dangerous secret could ruin everything. F/F.

Golf 🏌️‍♀️

  • Hooked by Liz Fichera // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Native American girl becomes the sole girl on her school’s golf team. She’s there to win a scholarship, but the boy she took the place of is best friends with the rich golden boy on the team. M/F.
  • Got Game? by Stephanie Doyle // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Country’s best female player gets to play with the boys after a new ranking system is created, qualifying her for The American. Three time champion, who is also her part time lover, wants to turn their arrangement into a real relationship. M/F.
  • For the Love of Par by Lois L. Kasznia // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Professional golfer, who has bad luck with men, meets with her youngest brother’s best friend she hasn’t seen in ages. She wonders if her spark with the sports anchor could lead to more. M/F.
  • Side Order of Love by Tracey Richardson // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Famous TV Chef has a great career, but boring love life. She catches the eye of a professional golf player with a reputation. F/F.
  • CaddyGirls by V.K. Sykes // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine with a promising golf career now works as a caddy for businessmen. If it means she can get her gold career back on track with the cash she gets, it’ll be worth playing dumb. A bet causes one of those men to pursue her. Once she finds out the truth behind the wager, things will get dicey. M/F.
  • Unguarded by Carmen Lace // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Professional golf prodigy starts to receive threatening messages that throw off her game. When she’s run off the road by her stalker, her parents hire an ex-military woman turned bodyguard to protect her. M/F.
  • A Perfect Match by Erin Dutton // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A high profile breakup causes a professional golfer to lose a major tournament. A sports caster with a rising career is paired up with the volatile golfer for the Celebrity Pro-Am, which will determine both of their careers. F/F.

Mountaineering 🧗

  • Falling for Mr. Wrong by Inara Scott // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. High-Altitude mountaineer agrees to fill in as a temporary nanny for a drop-dead sexy, single father of three before her big climbing expedition. M/F.
  • Just My Luck by Rosalind James // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Climbing instructor who loves adrenaline sports meets a rugby player while rock climbing with her friend. M/F.


Note: I did only include heroines who are athletes during the course of the novel. I will expand this list to heroines who are former athletes in the very near future, but for this launch I wanted to focus on heroines who were currently athletes.


If there’s any books I missed or information to update, feel free to tell me in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Athlete Heroines in Romance ― The Master List”

  1. This is amazing!!!!!! I can’t wait to start reading!!

    I don’t totally know if it’ what you’re going for but Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock is great and deeply funny. It’s about a star basketball player who joins her high school football team. Not strictly speaking a romance, but her relationship with the rival quarterback is a major element.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great list—thanks! “True North”, a short story by Lambda Literary Award winner Pene Henson, features WOC WNBA player as its MC. It is in the Interlude Press anthology “If the Fates Allow”. Also, though the MCs in Erin Finnegan’s “Luchador” are men, it also features Latinx luchadora in f/f romance subplot.


  3. OMG I wrote a whole looong paragraph response with lots of suggestions and lost it when I clicked Post Comment. No going back, but the diverse ones that stood out on the list were Melanie Ting’s Hockey is my Boyfriend, Cookie O’Gorman’s Ninja Girl, and my own The Partnership, where the heroine is a dancer who identifies as multiracial. Next time, I’ll remember to copy and paste! In the meantime, THANK YOU for this!


  4. This is truly impressive! Under swimming, I recommend Ginger Scott’s Hold My Breath. Both the heroine and hero are swimmers. Under ballet, I recommend Elyse Springer’s Thaw, a FF romance where one of the characters is asexual.


  5. Triple Score by Regina Kyle – heroine is a ballerina and hero is a pro baseball player – they meet in a rehab facility after both experience career- related injuries.

    After Midnight by Katherine Garbera – heroine is a pro skier trying to recover from a horrific accident on the slopes and the hero is a bad boy snowboarder.


  6. When you get to the adding heroines who are former athletes, check out Playing Dirty by Taryn Leigh Taylor. Heroine used to play for the US Women’s Hockey Team and hero is a pro-hockey player.

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