STEM Heroines in Romance ― The Master List

Welcome to the one and only STEM Heroines in Romance master list!!! There are over 170+ books featured including Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult romances from every genre. And I plan on updating the list as I find more.

As an Astrophysics Major and an avid Romance reader, seeing STEM heroines in Romance warms my heart. I love watching heroines navigate their careers in STEM along with, of course, their love life. But, finding STEM heroines in Romance is difficult. Even when there is some mention of a heroine working in STEM in the description, it’s typically vague and simply says “scientist” or implies they work in tech. I created this master list in hopes of making it easier for people to find Romances to read and love based off on the heroine’s field in STEM.

Symbol Guide:

As this is a master list, I haven’t read every book on the list so I can’t give my opinions on all of them. That being said, I’ve denoted books with the symbols below to help you find books that I would personally recommend and books written by women of color and/or featuring main characters of color:

♡ – Books I’ve read, liked, and would recommend

☆ – Books written by Women of Color (WOC in Romance helped me find quite a few of these)

♢ Books with Main Character(s) of Color

△ Books with an Interracial Romance

I also specify whether a book is M/F or F/F.

Note: As I haven’t read all of the books listed, I’ve denoted these books based on what I’ve found through reviews or personally know from reading them. If any of the books I’ve listed qualify for any of the symbols above and I missed them, please tell me and I’ll add it!

scicen STEm.png

Physicists & Astronomers

  • Touching Fate by Brenda Drake // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Physics-minded heroine who is a senior in high school discovers she has a magical talent with tarot cards. The hero is doomed to die on his 18th birthday from a family curse. M/F.
  • ♡ Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Aspiring Astrophysicist gets stuck in the woods with her ex-best friend. If she wants to make it in time for the Perseid meteor shower, she’ll have to throw her plans out the window and come face to face with the secrets both of them have been hiding.  M/F. Added 4/17/18. 
  • Tied Up in You by Erin Fletcher // Young Adult ⋆ Sports. A heroine dreaming of majoring in Astrophysics but planning on Business is accidentally kissed by her hotshot hockey player best friend. M/F. Added 10/13/17. 
  • ☆ When the Stars Align by Jeanette Grey // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine is a summer intern at prestigious astronomy research facility in Puerto Rico. She is partnered up with a guy who she clashes heads with. M/F.
  • Beneath a Texas Sky by Rebecca Winters // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Wrongfully convicted astronomer heroine gets out of prison to seclude herself in a mountain observatory. She finds herself attracted to a ranger working undercover trying to find two murderers. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ Be Careful What You Wish For by C.P. Santi // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A Filipina physicist heroine makes plans to finally go after the research associate she has been in love with. Life has other plans when she meets an opinionated Japanese actor. M/F.
  • Seeing Stars by Vanessa Grant // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Astronomer heroine living in her mountaintop observatory falls for the town’s former bad boy. M/F.
  • A SEAL’s Seduction by Tawny Weber // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Acoustical physicist heroine doesn’t do military guys because of her admiral father. Until she accidentally does. M/F.
  • ♢ Bodies in Motion by Elizabeth Andre // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. African-American heroine with a PhD in Physics is honored at a “40 Under 40” reception where she meets a woman who’s becoming the manager of the city’s top tourist attraction. But this physicist is about to leave on a research trip to Antarctica. F/F. Added 6/22/17. 
  • Hung By the Fire by Viola Grace // Adult ⋆ Fantasy. Astronomy educator and researcher heroine working at a struggling observatory lives a normal life until an elf comes to escort her home. M/F.
  • Halfway to Heaven by Susan Wiggs // Adult ⋆ Historical. An Astronomer heroine is befriended by a politician as a means to an end. M/F.
  • ♡ / ♢ / △ The Governess Game by Tessa Dare // Adult ⋆ Historical. Comet-searching heroine accidentally becomes a Governess to a future duke when she finds herself in need of money. M/F. Added 8/30/18. 
  • The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics // Adult ⋆ Historical. Widowed Countess looking to fulfill her husband’s scientific legacy needs a translator for a piece of astronomy text. An aspiring astronomer, fresh off seeing her ex-lover get married, runs away to London to take the job. F/F. Added 8/10/19. 
  • Starstruck by Regina Scott // Adult ⋆ Historical. Heroine inherits her father’s love astronomy and continues her dead father’s work studying the Great Comet. The hero tries to get her father’s astronomical journals in order to find a fortune. M/F.
  • The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires by Katie MacAlister // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Physicist heroine travels to England and accidentally summons an ethereal Virtue who gives her the gift of weather control. A nephilim in trouble seeks her out to change his fate. M/F.
  • A Wolf to Watch Over Me by Sela Carsen // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Physicist heroine on the run with a wolf shifter bodyguard tries to escape an intergalactic cold war. M/F.
  • In Enemy Hands by K.S. Augustin // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Astrophysicist heroine has had everything taken from her by the Republic. Along with her research partner, a math genius who has his memory erased every two days, she tries to plot an escape from the regime. M/F.
  • How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer // Adult ⋆ Speculative Fiction. An Astrophysicist heroine creating black holes and a Cosmologist hero trying to prove the existence of god find out that they are twin souls born on the same day. M/F.
  • Thrown by Love by Pamela Aares // Adult ⋆ Sports. Stanford Physics & Cosmology professor heroine inherits a baseball team. The hero is the pitcher for the team. M/F.
  • Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips // Adult ⋆ Sports. Particle Physicist and professor heroine who desperately wants a child tricks a professional quarterback into getting her pregnant. The hero majored in Biology. M/F.
  • Girl Least Likely to Marry by Amy Andrews // Adult ⋆ Sports. Astronomer heroine working on her PhD at Cornell is asked to dance by an ex-NFL player. She doesn’t believe in love, but she’s up for one night. M/F.
  • Codename: Romeo by Kat Attalla // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Quantum Physicist heroine becomes the suspect of an industrial espionage case. The hero works undercover to expose her. M/F.
  • Fatal Fallout by Lara Lacombe // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Nuclear Physicist heroine has to put her trust in the FBI agent she fantasizes about when her colleague is murdered. M/F. Added 11/4/17.
  • Soldier’s Night Mission by Cindy Dees // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Astrophysicist heroine is interviewed by a special forces operative about her latest research which ends in a kidnapping attempt and a possible nuclear war. M/F.

Biologists (including Geneticists & Epidemiologists)

  • ♡ / ☆ / ♢ Beginner’s Guide: Love and other Chemical Reactions by Six de los Reyes // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A Filipina Molecular Genetics graduate student heroine tries to “science” love and find a date for her cousin’s wedding. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ Sounds Like Summer by Six de los Reyes // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Filipina Microbiologist heroine going to a music festival for a weekend getaway finds herself in the company of a self-proclaimed adventurer. M/F.
  • The Science of Loving by Candace Vianna // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Biologist heroine studying fruit flies and an architect hero content with being single are forced together by a matchmaking sister. M/F.
  • Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Twenty-one year old heroine with a PhD in Microbiology gets a grant to study emotion as a pathogen. She asks her neighbor, a campus legend and the one guy she finds appealing, to help her. M/F.
  • Pursuing the Bear by Kerry Adriene // New Adult ⋆ Paranormal. An ursinologist who has known about bear shifters since her childhood goes back to Deep Creek to prove their existence.Then she meets a ruggedly handsome, off-duty park ranger. M/F. Added 10/14/17.
  • ☆ / ♢ Only Uni by Camy Tang // Adult ⋆ Christian. Biologist heroine tries to be a better Christian by swearing off flirting and guys. Then her ex-boyfriend comes back into the picture and her hot colleague at work keeps her distracted. M/F.
  • The Seduction Hypothesis by Delphine Dryden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Wildlife Biologist heroine goes to a convention with her boyfriend. Shortly after their breakup, he tries to win her back. M/F.
  • ♡ / ☆ / ♢ A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Epidemiologist working her way through graduate school gets emails claiming she’s betrothed to an African Prince. They’re totally spam, right? M/F. Added 4/17/18. 
  • The Butterfly Whisperer by Lisa Moreau // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Lepidopterist heroine still hasn’t forgiven her former best friend, and now owner of matchmaking company, for disappearing from town, and her life, after high school graduation. When she is forced to come back to town, the pair have to decide whether their connection is worth pursuing or if their goals are too conflicting. F/F. Added 6/21/17. 
  • Getting What You Want by Kathy Love // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Geneticist returns to Maine after getting a six-month grant to do research. She runs into the town’s former bad boy who she hasn’t seen in fifteen years. M/F
  • Wild Shores by Radclyffe // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine working as the lead biologist at a wildlife sanctuary meets a woman working for a big oil company to prevent media coverage of their recent oil spill. When a hurricane brings the two together, they become allies to help save the wildlife refuge and diver the oil spill. F/F. Added 6/21/17. 
  • Talk Dirty to Me by Ginny Glass // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Biologist heroine loses her dissertation notes on female sexuality. The anonymous hero will only give them back if she follows his conditions. M/F.
  • When Dreams Tremble by Radclyffe // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Environmental Biologist heroine is reintroduced to the girl she shared a secret with who is now practicing law in Manhattan. Their past becomes pivotal for their future. F/F. Added 6/22/17. 
  • Gulf Breeze by Gerri Hill // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Wildlife Biologist heroine who has sworn off relationships returns to the Texas Gulf Coast to oversee the Habitats for Nature program. Then she meets a wildlife photographer who has been tricked into volunteering for the cause. F/F. Added 6/22/17. 
  • Little White Lie by Lea Santos // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A geneticist heroine’s appearance on a national talk show turns into a humiliating prank involving a makeup artist who later tries to mend the situation. F/F.
  • I Thee Wed by Celeste Bradley // Adult ⋆ Historical. Biologist heroine works in the lab of Sir Geoffrey, an acclaimed scientist of the time. The hero is hoping to marry Sir Geoffrey’s daughter to advance his career, but he can’t seem to get one of the girls in his lab out of his mind. M/F.
  • Her Sudden Groom by Rose Gordon // Adult ⋆ Historical. Biologist heroine is rejected from joining the Society of Biological matters by a man who previously made a drunken deal with her father: get married by his 30th birthday or he has to marry his daughter. M/F.
  • Snowfall by Mary Ann Rivers // Adult ⋆ Holiday. Microbiologist heroine is diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa which means she’ll eventually lose her sight. She’ll have to choose between the anonymous man she’s chatting with online and her occupational therapist. M/F.
  • Fur Fox’s Sake by Milly Taiden // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Lonely geneticist heroine researching shifters discovers new data that could change science’s knowledge about them. M/F.
  • ☆ Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. DNA expert heroine is separated from her son when she escapes from the research facility she works at with a shifter sniper. M/F. Added 10/13/17. 
  • Primal Law by J.D. Tyler // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Lab Assistant heroine working at a medical research center doing gene splicing is on the run from her employer when she gets help from someone not quite human. M/F.
  • Killing Moon by Rebecca York // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Geneticist heroine discovers a client shot and unconscious in her lab. Despite knowing he is hiding something, she’s drawn to him. M/F.
  • Claimed by Rebecca Zanetti // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Geneticist heroine, who is also a psychic, meets the man who has been haunting her dreams. M/F.
  • Witching Moon by Rebecca York // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Biologist heroine studying vegetation in swamps at a Nature Refuge in Southern Georgia is hiding a powerful secret. The local coven of witches decides that she, and a werewolf, are in the way of their plans. M/F.
  • The Tracker’s Dilemma by Ruby Lionsdrake // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Microbiologist heroine studying ancient alien gut bacteria doesn’t seem to be interested in romance. The hero, a sergeant, volunteers for her study to get closer to her. Then he starts hearing people’s thoughts and having premonitions. When they go on a mission together, they are faced with bounty hunters and predators. M/F. Added 6/18/17. 
  • Watch Over Me by Lucy Monroe // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Gene-splicing heroine whose valuable research leads the endangerment of her life from a drug cartel. She gets constant protection in the form of a Spy hero. M/F.
  • Fatal Heat by Lisa Marie Rice // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Plant Geneticist heroine’s work makes her a target. An ex-Navy Seal comes to the rescue. M/F.
  • I Dream of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Neurobiologist heroine researches a psychic phenomena when her colleagues go missing. Her ex comes back into the picture when he dreams of her death. M/F.
  • Deadly Chemistry by Teri Anne Stanely // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Biologist heroine works at a university. The maintenance man, who is not who he appears to be, helps her clean up her damaged lab. M/F.
  • Edge of Survival by Toni Anders // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Heroine is the lead biologist on an environmental impact assessment team investigating a mining operation in Canada. On her first day on the job, she finds a dead body. M/F.
  • Viable Threat by Julie Rowe // Adult ⋆ Suspense. CDC Microbiologist heroine races to discover a cure for a bioterrorism organism infecting El Paso while dealing with a special forces solider. M/F.


  • Getting Lucky Number Seven by Cindi Madsen // New Adult ⋆ Sports. Chemistry major heroine tired of playing it safe creates a list of things she wants to do in college, one being having sex. She enlists her best friend to help her. M/F.
  • Her Winning Formula by Shannyn Schroeder // New Adult ⋆ Sports. A research minded Chemistry major heroine poses as the girlfriend of a baseball coach while at a wedding. M/F.
  • Killer Exposure by Lara Lacombe // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Chemistry professor heroine is wanted by the police after an exotic chemical she worked on is now the killer of six people. However, the detective on her case isn’t sure she is the murderer. M/F. Added 11/4/17. 
  • ☆ / ♢ Bane by Brenda Jackson // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine working on her PhD in Chemistry runs into her estranged husband who disappeared from her life and became a Navy Seal. M/F.
  • Just One Taste by Louisa Edwards // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Substitute food chemistry teacher heroine is asked by a bad boy chef to do a project on aphrodisiacs. M/F.
  • A Midsummer Bride by Amanda Forester // Adult ⋆ Historical. Heiress Chemist heroine swears off men until she meets an Earl who is accused of being a traitor. She uses her knowledge of chemistry to clear his name. M/F.
  • Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow // Adult ⋆ Historical. At a house part hosted by an Earl’s mother to try and get her son married, a chemist heroine tries to find evidence that will expose the man she believes murdered her father. M/F.
  • A Stranger’s Kiss by Shelly Thacker // Adult ⋆ Historical. Chemist heroine with amnesia is rescued by a spy sent to steal the secrets that she knows. M/F.
  • Finding Mr. Right by Jill Shalvis // Adult ⋆ Holiday. Nearing Christmas, a brilliant chemist heroine who keeps choosing Mr. Wrong decides to seek out someone totally wrong for her to change the game. M/F.
  • An Alpha’s Path by Carrie Ann Ryan // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Chemist heroine with a PhD takes a night off and goes on a blind date. M/F.
  • Seduced by the Night by Robin T. Pop // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Biochemist heroine’s new research project leads her on a dangerous course. The changeling hero is on the hunt for the renegade vampires on her trail. M/F.
  • Chemical Fusion by Enid Wilson // Adult ⋆ Retelling. Recent chemistry graduate heroine looking for researching opportunities ends up seeing a break in at the lab, a kidnapping, and meets a billionaire scientist looking for a wife along the way. M/F.
  • Perfect Weapon by Amy J. Fetzer // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Chemist heroine working in a top secret lab is on the run after terrorists start killing everyone there. After the government goes after her and she becomes a murder suspect, a marine finds himself trying to decide whether or not he should trust her. M/F.

Geologists, Paleontologists

  • Quakes by R.L. Ugolini // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Geology graduate student heroine working on her thesis travels to Mexico with a loner professor to get samples for her research. M/F.
  • Hold Back the Dawn by Judith Duncan // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Petroleum geologist heroine meets an oil man hero while pitching her theory on natural gas. When he hires her for the job, their rapport turns into love but she’s hiding something. M/F. Added 6/18/17. 
  • Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Geology Doctorate Student heroine researching glaciers in Alaska flees her studies and her girlfriend after a scandal. She becomes a bartender in the Key West until she is encourage to go back to Alaska and fix things. F/F. Added 6/21/17. 
  • ♡ A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare // Adult ⋆ Historical. Geologist heroine makes a bargain with the hero to take her to Scotland for a Royal Geological Society where she wants to present her groundbreaking findings. M/F.
  • Grizzly Mountain by Becca Jameson // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Glaciologist trapped on a hiking trail overnight comes face to face with a mountain man and two grizzly bears. He knows she’s his mate, but things won’t be easy when a rogue shifter starts her transition into his species, a forbidden process.  M/F. Added 1/24/19.
  • Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Geologist heroine currently working on her graduate thesis met an alien king and fell in love with him when she was a teenager before both of their memories were erased. When he comes back to earth to find a way to save his people, they have a chance encounter. M/F.
  • In Her Court by Tamsen Parker // Adult ⋆ Sports Romance. At a camp for adults, a Geology PhD candidate intending on spending the summer with her best friend, is greeted with her friend’s younger sister who is filling in as a tennis instructor. Said younger sister has also had a crush on her for years. F/F. Added 10/13/17. 

  • Carry Me Home by Rosalind James // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Geology professor heroine deals with a suspicious campus stalker and the former professional football player who keeps coming to her rescue. M/F.
  • Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Paleontologist heroine’s grandfather mysteriously disappears causing her to seek help in the form of an ex-air force pilot who owes her grandfather a favor. M/F.
  • ♢ / △ Under the Wire by HelenKay Dimon // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Geologist heroine on an undercover mission in Russia is reunited with her ex-fiance when the mission goes south. M/F. Added 10/14/17.

Marine Science, Marine Biology, & related fields

  • Sweet by Tammara Webber // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine who passes up Medical School for a graduate program in Marine Biology deals with her seemingly unrequited feelings for her best friend. M/F. Added 11/4/17. 
  • Night Swimming by Laura Moore // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Marnie Biologist heroine who fled her hometown for college comes back to preserve the town’s reef. She has to deal with the mayor who tormented her when they were teenagers. M/F.
  • ♢ / △ His Road Home by Anna Richland // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Marine biologist heroine becomes the fake fiancé of a sergeant after he invents a woman he would never meet to avoid a matchmaking warlord’s plans. When he has a traumatic brain injury, causing aphasia, he can’t explain his actions to her or anyone else. M/F. Updated Symbols 6/18/17. 
  • A Scandal to Remember by Elizabeth Essex // Adult ⋆ Historical. Conchologist heroine travels to the South Seas to break free from her father taking advantage of her research. While in route, she clashes with one of the ships handsome officers. M/F.
  • Ember’s Kiss by Deborah Cooke // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Marine biologist heroine meets a charismatic tattooed surfer working to become a professional surfer. He also happens to be a dragon shifter. M/F.
  • Surrender to the Siren Prince by Kate McKinley // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Marine biologist heroine hears rumors that a sexy male siren has been spotted. She goes out on a boat in attempt to prove people wrong. M/F.
  • The Man Who Loved Pride and Prejudice by Abigail Reynolds // Adult ⋆ Retelling. Marine Biologist heroine meets her modern day Darcy while doing research in Cape Cod. M/F.
  • Love Bats Last by Pamela Aares // Adult ⋆ Sports. Marine scientist heroine who works at a Marine Mammal Rescue center meets a professional baseball player while attempting to save a beached whale. M/F.
  • Sea of Suspicion by Toni Anderson // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Marine biologist heroine moves to Scotland where she meets a detective who has vowed to find his wife’s killer. Her boss is his primary suspect. M/F.
  • Treasures of the Heart by Mike Lynch // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Oceanographer heroine helps an ex-Navy SEAL find a legendary British warship ship rumored to be holding a cargo of gold. While searching for the treasure, the situation becomes life or death. M/F.


  • Wild Games by Mila Rossi // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. College-employed botanist heroine goes on a research trip to study native plant life in Costa Rica. Her group’s guide becomes her helper when she brushes against a poisonous plant. M/F
  • Blame It on Chocolate by Jennifer Greene // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Botanist heroine works in the greenhouse of a chocolate company to develop new species of plant for their chocolates. A taste test leads to something more with one of the owners. M/F.
  • To Tempt a Rake by Cara Elliott // Adult ⋆ Historical. Botanist heroine who has spent most of her life traveling the world has to go back to London as per the wishes of her dead parents to reconcile with her grandfather, the Duke. While at her grandfather’s country house, she meets a renowned rake who tries to discover the secret she’s hiding. M/F.
  • Rules of an Engagement by Suzanne Enoch // Adult ⋆ Historical. A botanist’s assistant heroine traveling the world catches the eye of the captain ferrying the ship. M/F.
  • The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham // Adult ⋆ Historical. Duke hires a botanist to design his garden ballroom where he plans to woo a bride. The Heroine’s desire to expand her exotic nursery business is dashed upon accidental scandal. To save her business, she and the duke must marry…. M/F. Added 1/1/19. 
  • ☆ The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan // Adult ⋆ Historical. A widowed countess who researches botany has a partnership with a rake who publishes all of her scientific theories under his name. Then he threatens to dissolve the partnership, but the heroine will do anything to ensure the partnership continues. M/F. Added 6/18/17.
  • A Sense of Sin by Elizabeth Essex // Adult ⋆ Historical. Botanist heroine is sent a mysterious letter about the dangers of men. The hero attempts to ruin her because of the role he believes she played in his sister’s death. M/F.
  • Being Green by Cynthia Sax // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Loner botanist heroine is the sole resident of her planet. A cyborg warrior travels across the universe to find her so she can heal his precious plant. M/F.
  • Alien Warrior’s Mate by Nancey Cummings // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Heroine with a degree horticulture botany works on Juno in the botanical gardens with mutated plants. She gets stranded on an abandoned planet with the gruff alien escort taking her to her sister’s wedding. M/F.

Other Physical and Life Scientists

  • The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After having her heart broken by her best friend, our high school science student heroine decides to do an experiment about finding a cure for broken hearts for the state science fair. M/F.
  • ♡ / ☆ / ♢ Feels Like Summer by Six de los Reyes // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine works at a Science Museum. She goes to a summer music festival where she pretends to be the girlfriend of the frontman of a band playing there. M/F.
  • The List by Tawna Fenske // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Soil Scientist heroine lies about her naughty experiences to convince her sisters that she’s not a boring scientist. Before her sister’s bachelorette party, she tries to tick off experiences on her list, starting with ‘sex with an anonymous stranger’. M/F.
  • Melt by Robbi McCoy // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Photo-journalist heroine travels to Greenland to cover American science teams studying ice caps there. She reconnects with a glaciologist that was once her teacher. F/F. Added 6/22/17. 
  • Joie de Vivre by Micheala Lynn // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Forensic Anthropologist heroine thinks that nothing is more important than her job until she meets an ex-college basketball star who is now a kindergarten teacher. F/F. Added 6/21/17. 
  • Whirlwind Romance by Kris Bryant // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Meteorology researcher and professor heroine collects data while chasing storms every spring. While chasing the trail of one storms, she runs into her gorgeous rival from another university. F/F.
  • Rare and Beautiful Things by Giselle Fox // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine with a PhD studying jaguars meets a shipwreck diver while off the coast of Belize. The two are drawn together when they discover a long-lost journal in a sunken ship. F/F. Added 6/21/17. 


  • ☆ / ♢ When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon // Young Adult ⋆ Contemporary. An aspiring web developer heroine attends a summer program for web developers where she meets the boy her parents want her to marry. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ To One Hundred by Melissa Blue // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A Web designer heroine goes back to school to get her bachelor’s degree. She later finds out that her new professor is the guy she’s been flirting with online. M/F.
  • ☆ Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Computer Science major Heroine ends up in the same class as the gorgeous stripper she met at her sister’s bachelorette party. F/F. Added 11/4/17.
  • Her Perfect Game by Shannyn Schroeder // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. A heroine hoping to land a cybertech job without a degree enters a hackfest where she hopes to finally met the gamer she’s been flirting with online. M/F.
  • Remedial Rocket Science by Susannah Nix // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine newly hired in IT for an aerospace company is reunited with the man she had a one night stand with in college. He just so happens to be the son of her new employer. M/F. Added 10/13/17. 
  • Boy Meets Nerd by Leia Shaw // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. MIT Computer Science graduate heroine investigates cheating boyfriends and relationship problems to pay for her bills while waiting for her dream job. She ends up being hired by the hero to find the girl he’s been speaking to online. M/F.
  • No One Lives Twice by Julie Moffett // New Adult ⋆ Suspense. Geeky Information Security Technologist heroine working for a top secret agency finds herself in the middle of a scheme when her best friend goes missing. Along the way, she meets a handsome lawyer and a sexy government agent. M/F. Added 11/4/17.
  • ☆ / ♢ Level Up by Cathy Yardley // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Aspiring video game engineer heroine works to create a video game in three weeks to get a promotion. She gets help from her distant roommate. M/F.
  • Playing for Her Heart by Megan Erickson // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Freelance software debugger heroine has an anonymous one nightstand with the love interest of the character she was cosplaying at a con. He turns out to be her brother’s business partner. M/F.
  • Hard Day’s Knight by Katie MacAlister // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Unemployed software engineer heroine is tired of all the computer geeks in her pool of eligibles. After reading lots of historical romances, she goes to a Renaissance Faire to find the man of her dreams. M/F.
  • Defying Gravity by Rachel Lee // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Computer software business co-owner heroine. The hero is her business partner and is working on a secret government project. M/F.
  • Securing Her Surrender by Allyson Lindt // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Network security company owning heroine’s ex is the head attorney for the defendant trying to bring down her company. M/F.
  • ♢ / △ Lucky Charms by Marie Rochelle // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Computer Program Designer heroine has given up on dating when her best friend tries to change that. M/F.
  • ♢ / △ Even Odds by Elia Winters // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Cuban heroine is the Design Manager at at Gaming Company. She has a fling with the hero at a gaming convention without knowing she’ll later have to work with him. M/F.
  • ☆ The Millionaire Makeover by Naima Simone // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Computer Programmer heroine bids on a millionaire bachelor at a charity auction to make her co-worker jealous. M/F.
  • Breaching His Defenses by Allyson Lindt // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. After missing out on fun by fast tracking through college, a heroine legally qualified to hack corporate networks has a chance encounter in a karaoke bar that leads to a fling with the competition. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ / △ The Rule Breaker by Sienna Snow // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Billionaire heroine who owns a technology empire mergers her company with the company of her ex-lover and Dom. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ / △ Negotiating Skills by Laurel Cremant // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Software programmer heroine finds her new client in a compromising position. M/F.
  • Game Over by Taylor Keating // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Video game designer heroine is working on last minute adjustments when she taps into a parallel dimension and has to escape before her soul is taken. Her one ally is a prisoner of the Dark Lord working to destroy them. M/F.
  • Kamikaze by Moira Rogers // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. System Analyst werewolf heroine goes to the bar when her mating cycle starts to buy a drink to signal her need for a mate. A security specialist sees her need and goes to help. M/F. Added 6/18/17.
  • Body Electric by Susan Squires // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Genius programmer heroine creates the first fully conscious AI. To protect her creation, she downloads it into the mind of a dying man. M/F.
  • Rescuing Harley by Susan Stoker // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Video game coder heroine goes tandem skydiving to get insight on how to make her game more realistic. Her reluctant skydiving partner ends up being the hero. M/F.
  • Wired by Julie Garwood // Adult ⋆ Suspense. A Computer Hacker and part-time model heroine teams up with an FBI agent to hack into the FBI to find a mole.  M/F. Added 10/13/17. 
  • You’ve Got Male by Elizabeth Bevarly // Adult ⋆ Suspense. The government thinks this Virus-writing Computer geek heroine is actually a evil cybercriminal. The hero works for the government agency trying to track her down. M/F.
  • Midnight Promises by Lisa Marie Rice // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Freelance MIT computer graduate heroine’s family secrets could start a nuclear war. A Former Navy SEAL medic wants to help protect her. M/F.

engineering STEM post.png


  • ♡ / △ The Paths We Choose by M. Hollis // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. One of the heroines is a college graduate who studied architecture. She has a fling with a friend of a friend which turns into more F/F.
  • Unexpected Hero by Willow Summers // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Architect heroine goes on a tour of Colorado to escape criminals who are angry that her work has torn down their neighborhood. During her trip, she meets an ex-Navy SEAL. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ Dare to Love by C.P. Santi // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Restoration Architect & single mom heroine ends up sharing a house with a very hot, tattooed anthropologist. M/F.


  • Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Engineer heroine is asked to go on a business trip to New York City. As per the request, she’ll be spending a month working alongside with her firm’s top urban planning executive who she has been crushing on. M/F.
  • Intermediate Thermodynamics by Susannah Nix // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Aerospace engineer heroine becomes the science advisor for the script her nemesis neighbor is writing. M/F. Added 10/13/17.  
  • Smart Tass by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff // New Adult ⋆ Sports. Bioengineering major heroine cuts a deal with her childhood nemesis, and now star college football player, to ensure she gets into the sorority her family has been in for years. M/F.
  • All Played Out by Cora Carmack // New Adult ⋆ Sports. Biomedical Engineering major heroine graduating early from college has a list of “normal” college activities she wants to complete before graduation. Hooking up with a jock is #1. M/F.
  • The Texan’s Twins by Pamela Britton // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Single mother engineer working to raise twins tries to resist the playboy who happens to be her new employer’s son. M/F.
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry by Susannah Nix // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Chemical Engineer swears off dating after a string of cheating boyfriends. She meets a hot barista that sways her into a no strings attached relationship after giving her “the kiss of her life”. M/F. Added 8/10/2019.
  • Scissor Link by Georgette Kaplan // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine working at an Aerospace Engineering company has a crush on her boss, a recent divorcee. After her boss stumbles upon a steamy email about a sex dream, the two have a series of hookups to decide if they want more. F/F. Added 6/21/17. 
  • ☆ / ♢ Cosmic Rendezvous by Robyn Amos // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Aerospace engineer heroine working on a top secret space project meets a hotshot astronaut. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ Just Friends by Delaney Diamond // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Biomedical engineer heroine researching artificial organs gets a makeover after she starts to feel like the boring friend of the billionaire hero. After the makeover, the hero starts to get protective and isn’t sure if he likes the new changes in his friend. M/F. Added 6/18/17
  • ☆ / ♢ / △ Reunited by Sabrina Sol // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Aerospace Engineer heroine has a one night stand in Vegas with her unrequited crush from high school. M/F.
  • Don’t Let Go by Sheryl Wright // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Veteran Heroine with PTSD returns home to work as the project manager for her family’s marine engineering company. Her family offers an unemployed university professor a job as her assistant against her wishes, but after seeing the woman’s credentials she decides to hire her. F/F. Added 6/21/17. 
  • Earth Bound by Emma Barry // Adult ⋆ Historical. Computer Scientist heroine works in engineering for the American Space Department. The hero is an engineer that she has to work with during the space race. M/F.
  • Love Engineered by Jenna Dawlish // Adult ⋆ Historical. A Noblewoman with a passion for engineering meets an engineer who sparks her interest. M/F.
  • Midsummer Moon by Laura Kinsale // Adult ⋆ Historical. Engineering genius heroine works to fulfill her dream of creating a flying machine. A duke is sent to look over her creation not knowing that the famous inventor is actually a woman. M/F.
  • T-Minus Two by K.G. MacGregor // Adult ⋆ Science Fiction. Engineer heroine competing to be selected to be on the first trip to colonize Mars meets the former Astronaut that she idolized as a teenager. F/F.
  • Skies of Gold by Zoe Archer // Adult ⋆ Steampunk. After an enemy airship attack, an engineer heroine retreats to a deserted island. A man/machine hybrid Captain who became stranded there is her only company. M/F.
  • ♢ / △ Riveted by Meljean Brook // Adult ⋆ Steampunk. Engineer heroine works a steam powered airship that is used for transport as an alternative to sea travel because the ocean is plagued with gigantic sea monsters. She searches for her missing sister from port to port while her home becomes threatened because of the expedition leader hero. M/F.
  • Her Baby’s Bodyguard by Ingrid Weaver // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Russian biochemical engineer heroine leaves Russia, along with her infant daughter, to give information to Americans on the biowarfare project her lab was working on. She receives a military escort in the form of a Sergeant. M/F.

math STEM post.png

  • A Higher Geometry by Sharelle Byars Moranville // Young Adult ⋆ Historical. An aspiring college math major heroine has to choose between meeting her family’s expectations and pursuing her love of math. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ / △ Break Your Heart by Rhonda Helms // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Math major heroine on track to graduating with honors has a new thesis advisor. He starts leaving codes for her in the margins of her assignments. M/F.
  • ♡ / ☆ / ♢ / △ Hold Me by Courtney Milan // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Statistics & International Relations major heroine anonymously runs a popular blog about apocalypse scenarios. Her relationship anonymous commenter has been turning into something other than friendship. Unbeknownst to them, they both know each other in real life. And they hate each other. M/F.
  • Her Best Shot by Shannyn Schroeder // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Math and Computer Science majoring heroine gets stranded in Georgia where she meets a guy who offers her a place to stay. M/F.
  • The Duality Principle by Rebecca Grace Allen // New Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Math major heroine working on her PhD agrees to go out on a blind date. Despite being well-mannered and dressed, her date seems to be hiding something. M/F.
  • The Hurricane by R.J. Prescott // New Adult ⋆ Sports. Heroine trying to finish her math degree starts a friendship with the aging owner of a boxing gym causing her to meet a tattooed fighter she wants nothing to do with. M/F.
  • After Math by Denise Grover Swank // New Adult ⋆ Sports. Mathematics major heroine tutors her college’s soccer star, who is currently failing College Algebra, in return for the university chancellor giving the math department new computer software. M/F.
  • Solving for Nic by Lexxi Callahan // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Theoretical mathematician heroine in graduate school sees her teenage crush, who is now a billionaire, at her brother’s wedding. M/F.
  • Hot Number by V.K. Sykes // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. College math professor heroine fails to win a math award and decides to go on a trip to Vegas to let lose. She has a mishap that leads to her introduction to the casino’s deputy chief of security. M/F.
  • Substitute for Love by Karin Kallmaker // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Mathematician heroine in a dead-end relationship falls into the arms of a leather clad stranger. F/F. Added 6/21/17. 
  • Just Three Words by Melissa Brayden // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Accountant heroine working for an advertising agency falls for her best friend. F/F.
  • Temporarily Yours by Diane Alberts // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Statistician heroine traveling to her sister’s wedding creates a fictional boyfriend to get her family off her back. In route to the wedding, she meets a marine who becomes her fake boyfriend. M/F.
  • Saving the CEO by Jenny Holiday // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Math Genius heroine currently working as a bartender is hired by a real estate mogul to help with his multimillion dollar merger. M/F.
  • Her Hot Number by Talia Hunter // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Mathematician heroine loses her luggage while on the way to a math conference in Australia. After finding out that her reservation at the hotel was canceled, she learns that the resort is owned by none other than her one night stand. M/F.
  • Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Accountant heroine at a new job working for Wilder Adventures and Expeditions wakes up to a man standing in her new cabin. M/F.
  • Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch by Emma Cane // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Math teacher heroine secretly publishes her debut romance novel. Then, she finally starts dating the cowboy of her dreams that shares some strong similarities to the hero of her romance novel. M/F.
  • Duke with Benefits by Manda Collins // Adult ⋆ Historical. Mathematician heroine that has a passion for puzzles learns that there’s an encrypted message that holds the key to great riches in the library of a Duke’s aunt. M/F.
  • The Lady’s Code by Samantha Saxon // Adult ⋆ Historical. Heroine with an honorary degree in math from Oxford is asked to help the cryptologist hero break a code being used by the French for the British government. M/F.
  • ♡ / ☆ / ♢ / △ Talk Sweetly to Me by Courtney Milan // Adult ⋆ Historical. Black mathematician heroine working for an observatory as their commuting machine meets the rakish man behind an advice column. M/F.
  • Lady Claire is All That by Maya Rodale // Adult ⋆ Historical. Mathematician heroine uses math to scare off suitors. The recently jilted hero bets that he can transform her into society’s newest darling. M/F.
  • A Gentleman Undone by Cecilia Grant // Adult ⋆ Historical. Math genius heroine gambling to get enough money to gain her independence strikes up a high stakes bargain with another gambler. M/F.
  • A Study in Seduction by Nina Rowen // Adult ⋆ Historical. Math gifted heroine wants a locket purchased by a Viscount because of it’s sentimental value to her. Instead of freely giving it back to her, he makes a wager. M/F.
  • Christmas at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels // Adult ⋆ Holiday. Math professor heroine comes back home for Christmas to help her brother with his bar during the busy holiday season. One of the waitresses at the bar is found dead the next day. M/F.
  • Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole  // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Unappreciated Math professor heroine finds out that she isn’t quite human. And neither is her new protector. M/F.
  • The Dark Lord by Patricia Simpson  // Adult ⋆ Paranormal. Berkeley Math professor heroine finds a deck of tarot cards in Egypt which leads to a run in with a demon. M/F.
  • ☆ / ♢ White Diamonds by Shirley Hailstock // Adult ⋆ Suspense. Math professor heroine finds a fortune of diamonds, a missing senator, and lands up right in the middle of a government conspiracy. M/F.

Honorable Mentions – for heroines working in STEM supporting roles:

  • ☆ / ♢ Iris After the Incident by Mina V. Esguerra // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. Heroine who manages a scholarship fund for female STEM students has to deal with the aftermath of something very private going public. The hero also happens to be a chemical engineer. M/F.
  • But First Must Come the Storm by Brooke Radley // Adult ⋆ Contemporary. College student heroine trying to graduate early starts falling for her new Science Writing professor. F/F.
  • ♡ When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare // Adult ⋆ Historical. After creating a fake Scottish fiancé lost at war, a heroine drawing lobsters mating for an encyclopedia has to deal with the fact that her fake fiancé isn’t so fake after all.

Do you have any favorite STEM Heroines in Romance that I’ve mentioned? Or ones that I did not didn’t mention? Tell me in the comments. They might just get added.

26 thoughts on “STEM Heroines in Romance ― The Master List”

  1. This is a fabulous list. And a very dangerous one. Suspect it will be injurious to my wallet. Dammit.
    I’ve got a Silicon Valley start up tech company set series called Sidelined. The first book is called Offensive Behavior. Just as well I didn’t have this list when I was writing it – the necessary research reading would still be going on. Bookmarked for future spend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great list! I’d like to mention that one of my African-American heroines has a STEM career. Her work plays a minor role in the storyline, but in Just Friends, Alannah is a biomedical engineer researching the effects of artificial organs on the human body.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome list! Thanks so much for putting this together.

    In the Botanist and/or Geneticist category, there’s also another Courtney Milan heroine, Violet Waterfeld, of *The Countess Conspiracy*. M/F, Historical/Alt-historical, lots of science secrets and secret science. One of my all-time favorite books, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This woman in STEM approves! 🙂
    Another one for the list — “The Countess Conspiracy” by Courtney Milan. Same series as “Talk Sweetly To Me”, the heroine is a botanist who’s been publishing her theories under the hero’s name.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Another addition for the list! “How Not to Fall” by Emily Foster. Psychophysiology undergrad about to graduate pursues a postdoc in her lab, who refuses her until she’s no longer a student.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A bit Old Skool (1983), but one of my gateway romances, “Hold Back the Dawn” by Judith Duncan, features a heroine who’s a petroleum geologist in the Alberta oil/natural gas industry.

    Thank you so much for this list!! (my credit card is whimpering in terror, but I thank you 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This is so cool! I’d like to suggest a book I haven’t read yet, but it’s also by Emma Barry and part of the same series as Earth Bound. Star Crossed is an historical interracial F/F with an astronaut and a human computer (is there a modern day equivalent?) falling in love!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. What an awesome list! I’ve got a few books to suggest as well, but first a note – Beneath a Texas Sky should be the one by Rebecca Winters; the Jodi Thomas title is a historical romance.

    -His Road Home by Anna Richland qualifies for interracial romance, and both main characters are people of color. Grace is Korean-American, and Rey is Mexican-American.

    -I’d like to suggest The Tracker’s Dilemma by Ruby Lionsdrake – sci-fi romance with a microbiologist heroine who studies ancient alien gut bacteria. It’s the last book in the series, but I would recommend all of them as great reads.

    -Also, Kamikaze by Moira Rogers is an erotic short about a computer programmer (I think?) werewolf heroine, and the hero is in IT security.

    -The Cryptographer by Alice Wallis-Eton has a cryptographer heroine helping to decipher messages during the Napoleonic Wars.

    Bookmarking this for future reference!

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  9. My Southwest Treasure Hunters books (three standalone romantic adventure titles) feature Camie, a genius who runs a machine shop at a science and engineering college and is an inventor on the side. In the first two books she and her feisty orange cat Tiger help other couples hunt treasure and find romance, and in the third book she takes the lead and finds love. The books don’t focus on her work (other than her use of a handheld ground penetrating radar device she built to hunt for treasure), but they do include background on what it’s like to be brilliant and underestimated, and to have people focus on your looks rather than your ability. The first book in the series, The Mad Monk’s Treasure, is permanently free and you can learn more about all the books at


  10. I’m so glad I found this list! This is so awesome and I’m glad I found this blog. Gonna check out everything else. Thanks!


  11. WOW wow wow this post is amazing!! I will definitely be looking back to it for reference and recommendations! Also, I would love it if you added an artist/designer category now that STEM has been changed to STEAM! 🙂

    I just discovered your blog, and it’s lovely! Your content is top notch!


  12. As a woman in STEM I love this! A series I seriously recommend and on my favourite reads list featuring STEM heroines is Cole McCade’s, Bayou’s End. A Second Chance at Paris features an Astrophysicist and Zero Day Exploit (which is free to read) features a computer programmer. Both heroines are fantasticly portrayed—exactly what we need, and want, to read.


  13. Hi! This is an AWESOME list! One that you might like is Sarah MacLean’s One Good Earl Deserves a Lover — she’s a botanist and creates a hybrid rose!


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