Forumla to the Perfect Wedding ― Collaboration with The Book Voyagers

Hey y’all! This is Sil from The Book Voyagers and I’m hacking Alexis’ blog, Lacy Literacy, today. No, I’m joking. We actually worked on a post together and are doing a collab which is amazing and I have wanted to do this for a while now. I think Alexis does the greatest posts in the world, so I highly recommend her blog.

Our post is so special and I absolutely adore it. Alexis came up with the idea of doing this sort of “What do you need to make a perfect wedding?” so we gathered all of these elements and made them tropes. We added the books we thought fit the tropes and ta da! This is the final product and we hope you all enjoy it.

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Olympic Romances ― The Master List

Welcome to the Olympic Romance Master List!!! 🥌🏂🏊🏒🎿 Tamsen Parker commented that someone should make a comprehensive list of Olympic Romances. As I’m very much in the Olympic spirit and love making lists, I couldn’t resist.

This list includes Romances that take place during, immediately after, and leading up to the Winter AND Summer Olympics. The Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics are sectioned off, so you can find which setting better fits your mood. Under those sections are subsections for each sport featured. There are 80+ books on the list including New Adult and Adult Romances.

Here’s to the Olympics & the hope that VirtueMoir confirms that they’re secretly married 🥂⛸️. Enjoy~

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Athlete Heroines in Romance ― The Master List

Welcome to the Athlete Heroines in Romance Master List!! There are 200+ books including Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult novels along with every genre from Paranormal to Western. This list will be updated as I find more books (and in the future with former athlete heroines).

Not too long ago, I was compiling books for a blog post about Athlete Heroines in Young Adult novels. From a young age, sports have been an integral part of my life so naturally I wanted to focus on Athlete Heroines. Then, I started thinking about how I wanted to read more New Adult and Adult Romances with Athlete Heroines. 

There seems to be a huge lack of focus on Athlete Heroines in Sports Romance recommendation lists. More often than not, there will just be recommendations with Heroes who are athletes (and usually white ones at that). Naturally, I couldn’t help but compile a list showing all the Athlete Heroines that exist in Romance (because you know how I am with promoting women in male dominated fields *cough* STEM Heroines in Romance Master List *cough*).

I hope this helps you to find your next favorite read. And maybe even gets you inspired to try out a new sport in the New Year 🎉. 

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STEM Heroines in Romance ― The Master List

Welcome to the one and only STEM Heroines in Romance master list!!! There are over 170+ books featured including Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult romances from every genre. And I plan on updating the list as I find more.

As an Astrophysics Major and an avid Romance reader, seeing STEM heroines in Romance warms my heart. I love watching heroines navigate their careers in STEM along with, of course, their love life. But, finding STEM heroines in Romance is difficult. Even when there is some mention of a heroine working in STEM in the description, it’s typically vague and simply says “scientist” or implies they work in tech. I created this master list in hopes of making it easier for people to find Romances to read and love based off on the heroine’s field in STEM.

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